Remembrance, flowers, graves and grass cutting

15 June 2019

Yesterday, after Commando’s Running School appointment we drove into town to get something from the bike shop in Cumberland Place. There was a coffee in it for me so I didn’t much mind. It was also a chance to walk through East Park and have a look at the Cenotaph.

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Dean Garnier’s Garden

3 September 2017

Standing on Colebrook Street behind the River Cottage Canteen the temptation to go to Costa and sit in the dry with a cup of coffee was strong. By now I’d been walking around Winchester in the rain for almost two hours and there is only so much dampness even I can stand. Abbey Passageway to my right would take me along the side of Abbey Gardens and back to the High Street. This was where Mitch and I found the Nunnaminster graves the other week. The passageway and gardens are said to be haunted by a ghostly nun and this dismal day seemed just right for meeting ghosts.  Continue reading Dean Garnier’s Garden

Winchester mills and flowers in the rain

3 September 2017

Sitting on a bench by the river in the rain is not the best of ideas. When I noticed mosquitoes buzzing round my legs I thought it was probably time to move, even though I hadn’t really thought of anywhere else to go. The nettle stings were enough to contend with without mosquito bites adding to the itching. Besides, sitting still was making me cold as well as damp so I began to march towards the entrance to the park. As I passed the last of the trees and came to the area of cut grass that had tempted me right at the start I found myself face to face with a deer.  Continue reading Winchester mills and flowers in the rain

Another secret garden, an author and a bishop


29 May 2016

After a great deal of dithering, I’d somehow found myself in a passageway heading for Cathedral Close. There was a door in the side of the passage leading directly into the cathedral. It was closed but the walls were etched with ancient graffiti, along with some that looked more modern. The passageway came out beside a walled courtyard with a manicured lawn. Later I discovered this was part of the great medieval priory of St Swithun. Perhaps the monks used this door to get from the priory to the cathedral? Continue reading Another secret garden, an author and a bishop

concrete, skips and an airport visit


8 April 2016

With phase one of the building work complete I thought I’d have a quick look around the garden before we set off for the airport on Friday morning. Beside the new wall there is currently a large yellow rubble filled skip sitting on the drive. Hopefully it will be gone soon because it detracts a little from the lovely orange quince flowers. Not that I’m complaining of course. A temporary eyesore is a small price to pay for a potting shed after all. Continue reading concrete, skips and an airport visit

Netley Castle, a reminder of why I’m Moonwalking – first published 19 April 2013


Moonwalk night was getting ever closer and, on the day of the last short walk before the big twenty six mile training walk, I had a plan. Ok, so the original plan went by the wayside because of Commando Senior’s accident and a total lack of time, even so the modified plan gave me a huge reminder of why I was doing all this in the first place… Continue reading Netley Castle, a reminder of why I’m Moonwalking – first published 19 April 2013

So many flowers, so little time


26 July 2015

During the early miles of Moonwalk 2013, I noticed a mysterious looking door in a high brick wall as we were making our way through Chelsea. A sign told me this was the Chelsea Physic garden and, of all the things I saw during that long, long night, the name stuck in my mind. I wanted to see behind that door. Finally, more than two years later, I was going inside. Admittedly, it was a miserable wet day and I had CJ with me so I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to be quite what I’d imagined. Continue reading So many flowers, so little time

An exciting discovery in Mayfield Park

Millers Pond
Millers Pond

15 June 2015

As Sunday ended up bright enough for me to catch a little sun on my arms and chest I naievly expected more of the same on Monday. With this in mind I’d planned a nice walk along the shore towards Hamble. Looking out of the window when I got up threw those plans into disarray. If anything it looked like rain, all thick grey cloud, black around the edges. Obviously I would have to think again. Continue reading An exciting discovery in Mayfield Park

A little time travel, Southsea Sea front – first published 24 February 2013

Clarence Pier
Clarence Pier

One Sunday morning towards the end of February 2013, Commando said he was going for a run along Southsea seafront. Of course, I tagged along to have a little walk. Commando had borrowed a snazzy gadget from a friend that linked camera to iPad to download photos so, to test it out, I took my real camera rather than my iPhone. If it worked well I might even buy myself one. Continue reading A little time travel, Southsea Sea front – first published 24 February 2013

A walk free weekend

Cold grey skies
Cold grey skies

4 to 5 May

As if time has jerked backwards rather than forwards, the weather over the last week has seemed more like the first week of February than the first week of May, with grey skies, bitter winds and heavy rain. For the first time in as long as I can remember a weekend passed with no walking of any kind, unless you count around the garden or a trip or two up the Big Hill for supplies. The weather wasn’t kind for the Bank Holiday and, coupled with my birthday and wedding anniversary, I spent most of it being lazy. There was a trip out to the New Forest on Monday to test drive my new car but I didn’t even stop, never mind get out and walk. It was a very strange state of affairs indeed and will mean a lot of catching up if I’m to get anything like good miles under my belt in May. Continue reading A walk free weekend