Castle hunting in Manchester


9 April 2016

Despite my misgivings about flying on small planes it wasn’t too bad once we were in the air. In fact we had seats right next to the engine nascelle on the port side of the plane so Commando was able to admire his handwork throughout the flight. Thankfully the little door that opens to let the landing gear out, also built by Commando, did open and we landead safely. By the time we’d walked to the train station, caught a train and got to our hotel it was late afternoon. A bit of unpacking, some freshening up and a refamiliaristional walk around Deansgate was about as much as we had time for before we had to find somewhere to eat. At least it wasn’t raining and Commando’s ankle was feeling pretty good. It looked as if the marathon might be on after all, even if a PB was a bit of a stretch. Continue reading Castle hunting in Manchester

concrete, skips and an airport visit


8 April 2016

With phase one of the building work complete I thought I’d have a quick look around the garden before we set off for the airport on Friday morning. Beside the new wall there is currently a large yellow rubble filled skip sitting on the drive. Hopefully it will be gone soon because it detracts a little from the lovely orange quince flowers. Not that I’m complaining of course. A temporary eyesore is a small price to pay for a potting shed after all. Continue reading concrete, skips and an airport visit

Commando Senior’s last flight

Micheldever, the Bermuda Triangle of Hampshire - from by Colin Smith
Micheldever, the Bermuda Triangle of Hampshire – from by Colin Smith

27 October 2014

On Monday morning instead of my normal driving lesson we were taking a trip to Micheldever, the Bermuda Triangle of Hampshire. This little village on the northern outskirts of Winchester is the most difficult place on earth to actually find. The number of hours I’ve driven around in circles not finding it doesn’t bear thinking about. Continue reading Commando Senior’s last flight