The rhino mother load – first published 1 August 2013


The first day of August 2013 began badly with lots of annoying jobs and a call from a grouchy supplier. Then there were Bridge supplies. It seemed impossible to get my head round that minefield. Things started to look up when I went for my lunch time walk. The parks were looking beautiful and there was another rhino to tick off my list. Then I found the rhino motherload… Continue reading The rhino mother load – first published 1 August 2013

On the edge of thunder


15 to 18 July 2015

This week was all about humidity and on Wednesday morning that meant  hot and wet. A blanket of thick cloud was doing its best to drop rain but not quite succeeding as I walked through the gloom along the Boardwalk. Colour was provided by spiky purple knapweed and a second flowering of ragwort like a tatty bouquet. Near Horseshoe Bridge a patch of pink toadflax stood out amongst the purple. There was a feel of thunder in the air. Continue reading On the edge of thunder