To the river

15 August 2017

We’d found the hidden pond with relative ease. Now it was time to turn for home.
“Shall we carry on to Riverside Park or turn back and walk along Cutbush Lane to Mansbridge,” I asked CJ. “The Park would be the quickest way home but Mansbridge is prettier.”
“Mansbridge,” CJ said with a cheeky grin that told me he was thinking of a coffee stop in the Swan Garden Centre rather than distance or pretty walks. Continue reading To the river

woods, cutways and footpaths – first published 7 September 2014

Because of a shift swap the first weekend in September 2014 was shorter than normal. Not only that but it was the last weekend before the Cologne Marathon. All in all not the best of combinations time wise. With all this in mind I decided on a shorter walk than normal and, having perused my satellite maps, I thought I’d found somewhere local to explore that might be interesting. Continue reading woods, cutways and footpaths – first published 7 September 2014

Hahne Farm Trail

11 May 2017

“How about a little walk on the trail up the road?” Commando said. “The one with the big stone inukshuk.”
“The Hahne Farm Trail,”  obviously I didn’t need asking twice.
We’d been sitting on our balcony watching the Canada geese and goslings on the lake below, drinking coffee and resting from our morning adventure in Huntsville.  I was pretty sure Commando had only asked because he knew I was secretly disappointed by the lack of trail walking we’d done so far rather than any real desire to go walking on his part. Still, it was a short trail, around the same distance as a parkrun, and less than a mile from our chalet. If it proved too much for Commando’s leg we could easily turn back. Continue reading Hahne Farm Trail

Stanley Park an ancient forest in a modern city

4 May 2017

While we were sitting on our bench by the sea discussing whether to carry on along the sea wall path or find a way into Stanley Park an elderly gentleman came and sat beside us. Pretty soon he struck up a conversation about where we were from and what we were doing. When we told him we couldn’t decide between park and sea he said, “There’s nothing very exciting along the sea wall here but there’s a path up into the park not far off.” And so our decision was made.  Continue reading Stanley Park an ancient forest in a modern city

Mother Nature’s riverside bounty

12 April 2017

This week seems to be all about errands and today was no different, not that I was complaining. This particular errand, to drop of a birthday present for Philo, involved a rather lovely walk. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, there was a light breeze to keep me cool. What more could I ask?  Continue reading Mother Nature’s riverside bounty

Around the bend in the river to Clausentum

14 March 2017

With the Care For Walk hike in the New Forest at the weekend and the weather decidedly grim this morning a long walk didn’t seem like the best of plans. As it happened, I had a parcel to collect from the sorting office anyway so, bright and early, before CJ had even got out of bed, I set off for a little stroll. The most direct route is all main roads and not interesting in the slightest and I didn’t want to take the car for such a short journey so I ended up meandering along the river.  Continue reading Around the bend in the river to Clausentum

Northam bound with aching feet and blisters – first published 8 May 2014

May 2014 and the end of my epic walk was almost in sight. As I stepped onto the final stretch of the Navigation my feet were protesting. There were more than eight miles to go if I was really going to walk the whole thing right to Northam and I could feel the tell tale burning of emerging blisters. This was when I realised I didn’t even have any blister plasters in my bag. They probably wouldn’t have stuck anyway seeing as my feet, socks and boots were wet. It reminded me of some of those long Moonwalk training walks except my legs didn’t ache too. Small mercies and all that. Continue reading Northam bound with aching feet and blisters – first published 8 May 2014

Tales from the photo archive part five – falling leaves


So we come to the last of my series of tales from my photo archive. Autumn began damp and cloudy in Southampton and I seemed to spend a great deal of time looking for autumn colour that wasn’t there. There was plenty of other colour to occupy me though, even if some of it never made it into posts.  Continue reading Tales from the photo archive part five – falling leaves

What a difference a week makes – first published 14 April 2014


The Sunday after the Manchester Marathon and it was time to get off my bum and get walking. With one eye on the hundred miles a month I’d pledged to walk in 2014 I knew it had to be a reasonable length walk too, not just a half arsed stroll along Riverside to the Swan and back. Setting myself such a challenge certainly motivated me to get some miles under my belt. There’d been some thinking on the subject and a half baked plan to get a bus to Totton and have a look at the Ealing Tide Mill but, when I got up on Sunday morning, it was a beautiful sunny day and I decided I’d check out the Navigation instead. It seemed fitting to be swapping the Manchester canals of the previous Sunday for Mansbridge and the Navigation. Continue reading What a difference a week makes – first published 14 April 2014

Stones, horses and angel wings


1 November 2016

With our coffee finished and bearings confirmed, we left the church behind and set off through an old iron gate into the lane where I thought the ancient boundary stone should be. Research told me there was no boundary stone marked on the map here but the cryptic message and some Google Street View searching had turned up something that looked very much like one. Now all we had to do was find it. Continue reading Stones, horses and angel wings