More wet hills and a summer social run

18 August 2019

This morning began with an early drive to the airport to drop Commando and Rob off. They were catching a train, not a plane, heading for Winchester and a summer social run with a small group of Hamwic Harriers. Kim and I would be conquering a few hills around Mansbridge while we waited for them to come back. It all sounded great, apart from the fact it was raining again.

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To the river

15 August 2017

We’d found the hidden pond with relative ease. Now it was time to turn for home.
“Shall we carry on to Riverside Park or turn back and walk along Cutbush Lane to Mansbridge,” I asked CJ. “The Park would be the quickest way home but Mansbridge is prettier.”
“Mansbridge,” CJ said with a cheeky grin that told me he was thinking of a coffee stop in the Swan Garden Centre rather than distance or pretty walks. Continue reading To the river

Autumn leaves along the river


26 October 2016

In the end CJ chose the river for our walk home from Hatch Grange, even though it was the longest route. With the sun in the sky and the rich vein of Autumn colour we seemed to have hit once we passed Allington Lane, I wasn’t complaining though. Continue reading Autumn leaves along the river

Bad Planning – first published 16 February 2014


After days of storms and torrential rain 16 February 2014 was supposed to be a sunny break in the wet weather, at least according to the weatherman. Of course, I planned to take advantage and get out for a nice long walk. Commando was off on a sixteen miler, training for his marathon and, as he pulled on his running socks, I brushed my teeth, thinking about where I would go. Things didn’t go quite to plan. Continue reading Bad Planning – first published 16 February 2014

Floods and fungi – first published 3 February 2014


When I pledged to walk one hundred miles every month in 2014 I forgot about February with its pesky twenty eight days. Of course this meant I was going to have to up my daily average if I wanted to hit my February target. WIth a few sums I worked out it was just over three and a half miles a day. Walking the Christmas weight off wasn’t going to happen before summer unless I made more effort.  Continue reading Floods and fungi – first published 3 February 2014

A grave hunt in South Stoneham Cemetery


21 June 2016

For a while now I’ve been meaning to take a wander to South Stoneham Cemetery to look for R J Mitchell’s grave and today seemed like a good day for it. The weather forecast was for rain and the brooding sky backed it up so it seemed best to stick fairly close to home. It also seemed a good idea to bring the iPhone out of retirement. It’s one thing getting myself and my phone in its protective case soaked but I didn’t want to risk the new, and very expensive, camera.  Continue reading A grave hunt in South Stoneham Cemetery

Just a little further


28 March 2016

“Just a little further,” CJ said, still looking at the pigeons surveying the storm damage. Usually that’s my line and I wasn’t sure of the wisdom of going much further when the storm seemed to be gathering all around us. “I’d like to see the greylag geese.”
Despite my misgivings, we carried on. Maybe our luck would hold. If not I could blame CJ, although that wouldn’t be much use when we were both soaking wet. Oddly, the sky over Portswood, where it had been black and dropping rain earlier, was now blue, probably because this black clouds were now in front of us. Continue reading Just a little further

The call of the river


16 February 2016

There were still things to be done in the kitchen today but the sun was shining and the river was calling. After a week of painting and cleaning I didn’t feel up to steep hills so decided on a gentle climb through Hum Hole. From there it would be more or less down hill all the way. CJ sensing a coffee stop at the Swan Garden centre, decided to come along. Continue reading The call of the river

The last walk


31 December 2015

It seemed fitting that my last walk of the year should be one of my oldest routes. In fact, looking back. It was my last walk of 2014 too so it seems to be a bit of a tradition. The weatherman said it would stay dry until mid afternoon but I didn’t really believe him so I made sure I was well waterproofed when I set off. The sky was blue, I’d almost forgotten sky came in colours other than grey. Although it was colder than it has been, the proof that this has been one of the warmest December’s on record came as I headed for Monks Walk and saw blossom on a tree. Continue reading The last walk

upping the intensity with a few hills – first published 21 September 2012

Clouds over The Triangle
Clouds over The Triangle

A few days ago I told you all about the Big Hill and the Little Hill, and my daily struggles with them. In September 2012, after a few lazyish days, I decided I needed something to make up for it and add a bit more intensity to my weekend walk. This involved a hill that leaves my daily hills looking tame. Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy. Still, I did add a few tips for dealing with tough hills. Continue reading upping the intensity with a few hills – first published 21 September 2012