Exbury Gardens, a Halloween adventure


24 October 2016

So far this autumn has been decidedly subdued so, when Commando suggested a trip to Exbury Gardens today, I wasn’t exactly hopeful. We last visited in Autumn 2015, just after we returned from Canada. Then, the trees might not have been as startlingly bright as those in Toronto, but they were beautiful all the same. This year I had the feeling everything would still be green. I was wrong…

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The not so secret garden


31 October 2015

As October drew to a close Commando had a trick up his sleeve to cheer us both up and banish the post holiday blues.
“Let’s go out for a drive and a little walk,” he said late on Saturday morning, when he’d come back from his Parkrun.
“Where to?” I wondered.
“That would be telling,” he said.
So we got in the car and, before too long, I realised we were heading for the New Forest. When we turned left at Totton I thought maybe we were going to Calshot or even Lepe Beach, although it seemed a bit chilly for a beach walk. In actual fact we were heading for Exbury. To be more specific, Exbury Gardens. Continue reading The not so secret garden