The final boundary stone, or is it?


6 October 2016

After my fifteen minutes of radio and video fame I’d hoped for some clues about the whereabouts of the final two boundary stones. What I actually got was people asking if I’d found any more stones and a lot of comments about stones I’d already found. There was one cryptic comment about Bassett Green and Stoneham Lane but neither was anywhere near where the last stones were meant to be and I couldn’t get any more information so, for now, I’ve discounted it. Even so, it seemed about time I went in search of the final stone I knew really was there.  Continue reading The final boundary stone, or is it?

Two stones for the price of one…maybe


3 March 2016

Today I decided to attempt the ill fated boundary stone hunt again. It wasn’t actually raining, although the sky was overcast and very slightly threatening. For extra luck I dragged CJ along. He has keener eyes for boundary stones. To be honest it didn’t take much dragging but I didn’t actually tell him how long the walk was going to be or it might have been a different story. Continue reading Two stones for the price of one…maybe