One of those weeks but some shed progress – first published 23 August 2014

Sometimes you just have one of those weeks and the penultimate week of August 2014 was certainly one for me. It seemed to be a week of forgetting things, missing out on walks, weird questions and unreasonable, shouty people on the phone. Through it all the beauty of the walks I took get kept me going, along with some progress on my blue shed.
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Interviews and exciting news – first published 16 June 2014

In June 2014  excitement came in the form of an email. A journalist wanted to interview me for a rather prestigious magazine. It would be a feature on people who have dragged themselves off the couch and taken up walking. Obviously I fit the bill but I wasn’t sure if it would be as lovely and surprising as East Park on the June Walk, or as disappointing as the Enchanted Park. I’d been down that road before twice. The first time the journalist used my words rather than her own but chopped and cut so much the meaning was lost and I ended up feeling cheated. The second time promises were made but came to nothing. Maybe this woildbe third time lucky? Continue reading Interviews and exciting news – first published 16 June 2014

A week of surprises – first published 17 May 2014

Some weeks pass in unremarkable mediocrity, others seem to be one surprise after another. The second week of May 2014 was full of surprises. For once, it wasn’t only the weather, I found a new path in a familiar place, there were scary things afoot in Bitterne Park and there was a little brush with Google Maps fame.  Continue reading A week of surprises – first published 17 May 2014

Signing off – first published 21 March 2014


The first official day of spring 2014 and, as I walked in the bright chill of the morning, there were songs going through my head. These were songs I haven’t listened to for real for a long time, from an album by reggae band UB40. In fact they were songs from their very first album. You may be wondering why songs about, among other things, Gary Tyler, languishing in a Louisiana gaol for thirty odd years, or Martin Luther King, were going through my head. The reason is the name of the album, Signing Off, named because the band were all on the dole until that album was released. This was the day I was going to sign off myself. Continue reading Signing off – first published 21 March 2014

Interviews and butterflies – first published 12 March 2014


Interviews and post interview disappointment had been a regular feature of early 2014. So much so, that I’d become quite blasé about them. In early March I got a call asking me to an interview for a customer service job. To be honest, I didn’t even remember applying for it but it was within easy walking distance and I figured I probably wouldn’t get the job anyway so I went along. Continue reading Interviews and butterflies – first published 12 March 2014

Another Saturday, another Parkrun


8 October 2016

Last week Commando made a park run comeback. This week it was the turn of our friend, Sarah, to return to running, this time after major surgery had kept her on the sidelines for some time, marshalling, token collecting and generally cheering everyone else on. Of course Commando would be running again too so I went along to cheer them both on. Continue reading Another Saturday, another Parkrun

A soggy parkrun comeback


1 October 2013

After an Indian Summer September, October came in with a storm. On any other Saturday morning I might have decided to stay in bed and let Commando go to parkrun on his own. This though, was a special day. For the first time since he broke his leg, Commando would be running the parkrun course. Part of me was worried something would go wrong and we’d be back to square one. Even though he’s been religiously sticking to his back to running training plan I couldn’t help worrying he’d get carried away and push too hard in an actual race. Continue reading A soggy parkrun comeback

Some unexpected guests in Marlands


23 August 2016

Eventually I managed to drag CJ away from the slot machines and we headed for the Marlands. In medieval times this area, including the land the Civic Centre stands on, was the site of the Magdalene Hospital for Lepers and the fields around it were called Magdalene’s Fields. The name Marlands is a derivative of this and has lived on to this day, although many people don’t realise its origin. These days it’s difficult to imagine a leper hospital just outside the town walls but, back then, lepers begging outside the Bargate must have been a common sight.  Continue reading Some unexpected guests in Marlands

Sea City zebras


23 August 2016

Last Thursday, Ticket To Ride, the zebra stolen from Vincent’s Walk on 6 August, was found in the Itchen, near the Southampton Water Activities Centre in the shadow of the Itchen Bridge. He was discovered by a group of children having sailing lessons with instructor Sam Spencer as they began to anchor their boat. Although he was serioisly damaged it was nothing irreparable and the Marwell team are hoping to get him fixed and back on the trail as soon as possible. We knew he wouldn’t be back yet but, today, our mission was to find the last of the unvandalised zebras in the city centre. Continue reading Sea City zebras

Hackers and other disasters


11 June 2016

Late on Thursday night when I tried to proofread the blog post that was due to be published the next day I couldn’t get onto the blog. There was a just a weird message I didn’t understand. Straight away I checked the LCN site to make sure it wasn’t an issue with their servers or whatnot. It wasn’t. Then I tired to view the blog throug an old Facebook link. The same message came up. Going through Google brought the same results. A shard of ice stabbed at my heart and one word screamed in my head, HACKERS! Continue reading Hackers and other disasters