The Kray Twins, Hamble Airfield and the Air Transport Auxiliary


13 December 2015

Late in November CJ and I went down to Hamble Point to look at the Bofors Gun and the pillbox. That day it had been very muddy on Hamble Common so we hadn’t been able to explore further. Today Commando’s long Sunday run with the Itchen Spitfires took him down to Hamble Point so, naturally, when he got home we compared notes. The Spitfires had run along the road rather than on the shingle and we got to talking about the airfield and the memorial to the women of the Air Transport Auxiliary on Hamble Lane. Continue reading The Kray Twins, Hamble Airfield and the Air Transport Auxiliary

Poppies, pill boxes and pipelines


30 June 2015

Away from the shore breeze the heat made walking a chore as I made my way through Netley to Victoria Country Park. The coffee shop was tempting but the detour to get to it proved an obstacle too far so I hurried across the open field towards the trail through the woods where there would at least be shade. Hot and sticky I may have been but I couldn’t resist a stop to look at a beautiful poppy sculpture that has appeared in front of the chapel since my last visit. The small flower bed beneath it was planted with real poppies, fat buds not quite ready to open. It will look stunning when they do. Continue reading Poppies, pill boxes and pipelines