A few extra hills for good measure

22 August 2019

After our sodden sixteenish miles last week and our equally wet weekend hill adventure, this week was all about shorter walks and hills. On Monday morning it was nice to see clear blue skies when I set out to meet Kim at Woodmill. The downside to the blue sky was the heat, even before eight in the morning, but I guess you can’t have everything and we were only planning to walk eight miles anyway.

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Quobb Lane and Men of the Trees

24 January 2017

The icy cold continued into the week so, not wishing to loose any appendages to frostbite, I decided on a shorter walk than normal today. For a while I’ve been meaning to check out the cemetery at Quobb Lane and today seemed like the day for it.  With the weather and the conditions underfoot fairly unpredictable, I’d plotted a few alternative circular routes so CJ and I could make a descision based on what we found.  Continue reading Quobb Lane and Men of the Trees

Fluttering green and gold at Hatch Grange


26 October 2016

After our adventures at Exbury Gardens I thought today would be a good day to see how the trees were doing locally. Autumn has been slow to start this year but the colour does seem to be creeping in (or out as the case may be) very slowly so the avenue of limes at Hatch Grange seemed as if it might be worth a look. Of course CJ, who missed out on Exbury and has never been to Hatch Grange, said he’d come along too.  Continue reading Fluttering green and gold at Hatch Grange

Hatch Grange, Hatch Farm, footpaths and developers


7 July 2016

Dental appointments always seem to come round far faster than I’d like. Don’t get me wrong, my dentist is very nice. I’ve been going to the same one for more than twenty five years and, apart from the poking around in my mouth part, its a bit like visiting old friends. As a treat to reward myself for submitting to all that prodding, poking, scraping and cleaning, I thought I’d have a wander around Hatch Grange afterwards. In fact I had a bit of a plan…sort of.

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The walk that never was


7 January 2016

On Thursday morning I had an appointment with the dentist. Driving there was an option but parking is in short supply near my dentist and I really could have done with the exercise after a very lazy December so I decided to walk. After my appointment I thought I’d have a wander in Hatch Grange which is nearby and then maybe through West End Copse for good measure. I fact I might even walk through Hum Hole on the way there too, three woods in one walk, how much better does it get? Continue reading The walk that never was

Interconnected woods and surprises


Sunday 4 October 2013

Leaving my chilly perch under the stand of pines I ambled back down the hill beside the avenue of limes heading for the place I’d first emerged into the clearing on that wet July Day. Back then I had no idea of the extent of the woodland and the rain stopped me exploring further than the little park by the road that had first caught my attention. When I plunged back into the trees I soon found myself at the meeting of three trails where I’d sheltered from the rain that day and there were the steps I’d climbed, looking less treacherous in the sun. Continue reading Interconnected woods and surprises

Risking the rain to explore Hatch Grange


4 October 2015

Back in June, when I was visiting the dentist, I discovered a new park, Hatch Grange. In fact, the park had been there since the fourteenth century when John de Hache lived there but somehow, in all the times I’d gone past, I’d never noticed it before. Unfortunately, a torrential downpour cut my exploration short and I promised myself I’d go back when the weather was better. It seemed as if the trip was doomed because every time I so much as thought about visiting it rained. When Sunday morning started off bright and sunny I thought I’d give it another go, even if I did risk causing a rainstorm. After all I needed something to take my mind off my Monday interview even if it did mean getting wet. Continue reading Risking the rain to explore Hatch Grange

The dentist, a new trail and some rain

A very damp Hum Hole
A very damp Hum Hole

22 June 2013

Not many people like going to the dentist, especially not for a filling but that was where I was headed on Monday morning bright and early, well earlyish. When I got up I wasn’t exactly impressed to see rain but, by the time I left, it had stopped. Unfortunately, as the first part of my walk was through Hum Hole where all the trees were slowly relieving themselves of the left over rain water, I still got wet. Continue reading The dentist, a new trail and some rain