The sea and the sky

20 September 2017

When I woke up to blue sky I knew exactly where I wanted to go today. Blue sky and sea go together like chocolate and orange. Ok, so it was only a tiny little bit of blue sky amongst quite a lot of cloud but still, beggars can’t be choosers in late September.  Continue reading The sea and the sky

Happy 5th Birthday Southampton parkrun

8 July 2017

This morning it was quite bizarre to rock up at parkrun and find the Run Directors were actually the 118 twins complete with moustaches. Ok, so Rob has usually got some kind of facial hair going on but I’ve never seen Kim with a moustache before. Oddly, it kind of suited her. The reason for all this frivolity was a birthday. Southampton parkrun turned five years old this morning and everyone was in the mood to celebrate. The theme was heroes, obviously. Continue reading Happy 5th Birthday Southampton parkrun

Walk, talk a superhuman feat and some sitting down


13 to 16 October 2016

On our way to the Archives we spotted a pink elephant outside the Civic Centre, part of Monday’s World Mental Health Day. As it happened I’d been asked to be part of a Mental Health event organised by Itchen Spitfires’ Mental Health Ambassadors, Abigail and Vicki. The event was called Run and Talk and the idea behind it was to raise awareness about mental health issues and break down the stigma attached to them. Obviously there would be no running on my part but I’d been asked to lead a walking group for the injured and members who wanted to bring along non running family and friends.  Continue reading Walk, talk a superhuman feat and some sitting down