Hills, windmills and another fallen tree

10 January 2018

After a string of dull grey days when all my walks were about getting somewhere as quickly as possible before it rained, the sun came out to play. This obviously called for a proper walk and I knew just the place for bright blue skies. The Bursledon Windmill was calling and, for the first time this year, CJ was joining me. Usually I’d head along Shoreburs Greenway to get to the windmill but, with all the recent rain, this didn’t seem like a good idea. The trail is muddy at the best of times and I didn’t fancy getting half way and finding it flooded, or losing a boot somewhere along the way. The alternative was a long, boring walk along the main road but this didn’t appeal much either so I plotted a more scenic but much longer route meandering through Sholing. Continue reading Hills, windmills and another fallen tree

Winchester half

24 September 2017

Feeling rather unwelcome in the churchyard, I took a few random photos and left. Back out on the road with the race parading by me I stood in front of a rather ornate wooden bus stop and watched the runners stream past the Hursley chimneys. The road had been partly closed for the race and an unfortunate marshal had the job of holding up a stop go board to let cars trickle through when there was a safe gap between runners. It wasn’t a job I envied. Some of the drivers were less than patient despite the road closures being widely publicised weeks in advance of the race. Continue reading Winchester half

The Spitfires return to Hursley

16 August 2017

The venue for tonight’s RR10 was Hursley Park, near Winchester. Last year we had Kylie in the car giving us directions. She’d broken her foot and couldn’t drive there herself. Commando was also recovering from a broken bone in his leg so wouldn’t be running. Our little team of cheer leader, number taker and photographer made it there with relative ease, although the walk from the car park to the park was a slow affair. Surprisingly, without help from Kylie who was in Iceland working, we didn’t get lost this year, although it was touch and go for a while.  Continue reading The Spitfires return to Hursley

Janesmoor Pond, more ups than downs

19 July 2017

Tonight’s RR10 adventure was at Janesmoor Pond in the New Forest, although there was some slight confusion, at least on my part because I thought it was across the road at Stoney Cross. Luckily Commando knew where we were going and we managed to pull into the correct car park alongside several other Spitfires who arrived at around the same time. The first job was erecting the tent and flag. This proved slightly more difficult than expected.  Continue reading Janesmoor Pond, more ups than downs

The trails of Hedge End, gloopy mud and a bramble disaster

7 February 2017

According to the weatherman today was supposed to be the best day of the week, not that I entirely trust the weatherman of course. After days of rain, blue skies were a very welcome sight though and I decided to make hay while the sun was shining, or at least go out for a walk. Back in November, CJ and I went to Botley. Rain and a lack of time scuppered our plans and most of the route I’d plotted out went unwalked. Later I plotted a better one to the same destination and today was the day to walk it.  Continue reading The trails of Hedge End, gloopy mud and a bramble disaster

Apples in the graveyard, not walking the Cobbett Trail


10 November 2016

This week most of my walks had been errands with nothing much of note happening apart from distance being covered. Today I had big plans to get some interesting miles under my belt. By now I should know making plans is not a good thing because something always scuppers them. This time it was CJ oversleeping. To be fair, he didn’t know I was planning to go out super early for an extra long walk to show him something I thought he’d like. Maybe I should warn him next time. In the end we settled on a pared down version of the walk I had in mind, minus most of the interesting bits. Even so, there was plenty to see. Continue reading Apples in the graveyard, not walking the Cobbett Trail

Killer Hill repeats


19 September 2016

The east side of Southampton is a hilly old place. Almost daily I have to tackle the Big Hill or the Little Hill (which is actually steeper but shorter) so I am something of a hill walking officionado. There is one hill near my house that I usually try to avoid though. Even driving up it is a daunting prospect. When Commando happened to mention that the Spitfire’s training session tonight was called hill repeats and this was the hill in question I thought I’d go along to see what it was all about.  Continue reading Killer Hill repeats

Bad Planning – first published 16 February 2014


After days of storms and torrential rain 16 February 2014 was supposed to be a sunny break in the wet weather, at least according to the weatherman. Of course, I planned to take advantage and get out for a nice long walk. Commando was off on a sixteen miler, training for his marathon and, as he pulled on his running socks, I brushed my teeth, thinking about where I would go. Things didn’t go quite to plan. Continue reading Bad Planning – first published 16 February 2014

A Sunday Surprise – first published 19 January 2014


Sometimes Commando likes to take me on magical mystery drives and surprise me. In January 2014, after his ten mile marathon training run and my very short walk around Hum Hole, he had a plan to make sure I got my full quota of walking in for the day. He took me to a familiar place for some very different views.  Continue reading A Sunday Surprise – first published 19 January 2014

A hilly run with cows, geese and a lost shoe at Janesmoor Pond


20 July 2016

This month seems to have been nothing but RR10’s with one almost every week. Tonight’s was on familiar territory, at Janesmoor Pond, near Stoney Cross in the New Forest. Frustratingly for Commando, it would be another race he couldn’t run because his ankle was still swollen and painful just walking. Even so, he decided to go along to cheer on his fellow Spitfires. Of course I went along too with my trusty camera.  Continue reading A hilly run with cows, geese and a lost shoe at Janesmoor Pond