Monks Brook, heat and an invasive species – first published 14 July 2014

My mid July walk in 2014 had started off on a sour note but had soon improved when I had an up close and personal visit with a black swan. As I walked on towards the reed beds and, ultimately, the White Swan pub, I sipped my water. The early morning rain combined with the sun seemed to have sucked up all the air and left behind a damp stickiness. Even along the river there was little breeze and my pace slowed considerably. Still, I told myself this was not about speed but about getting out and walking, enjoying the nature around me and the sun on my skin, if not the sweat trickling down between my shoulder blades. Continue reading Monks Brook, heat and an invasive species – first published 14 July 2014

surprises and weather forecasts


25 August 2015

The forecast for Tuesday was cloudy but fine until about two o’clock so I decided to go out early and have a wander along the Itchen Navigation. There was a side path I thought I’d seen that might, or might not, lead me into the centre of Eastleigh without the need to walk all the way to Bishopstoke Road and back again. From the map it looked walkable and, if it was, it would cut off about two miles to the Swan Centre and make another bail out point from the Navigation should I ever need it. According to my calculations I should be able to walk there, have a quick coffee in the Swan Centre and walk back before the rain started. It sounded very much like a plan when I set off. Continue reading surprises and weather forecasts