A very familiar church

3 May 2018

Sometimes things go to plan, others fate has a surprise or two up her sleeve.  This is not always a bad thing. Fate has a way of showing you what you need even if you don’t know it at the time. Today was a case in point. The sun was out and I decided to get away from all the storm damage related tasks like, insurance assessors,  prices, quotes, builders and generally clearing up and take a wander to the windmill. On the way CJ and I would pop into the polling station in an annexe of the village church to vote and maybe stop to tend Pappy’s grave.  Continue reading A very familiar church

From the pub to the church


2 January 2016

Surpisingly, while I was standing in front of the Red Lion, the rain stopped. Maybe I could continue my tour a little longer and go from the village pubs to the churches, or at least one church. There may have been a lot of pubs in Bitterne Village but there were also a lot of churches, most of which are still standing at least in some form. Obviously the people of Bitterne are more fond of their churches than their watering holes. Continue reading From the pub to the church