Following frontiersmen’s footsteps

17 January 2017

Before Christmas CJ and I took a walk that inadvertently led us past the Swaythling Remount Depot and we recently walked through North Stoneham Park where one of the Remount camps was. Looking for more information about the Remount Depot, I stumbled upon some entertaining ‘campfire yarns’ on The Legion of Frontiersmen of the Commonwealth website. Three tales told of stampedes when frontiersmen were driving as many as six hundred horses through the city. Today, I thought CJ and I would retrace some of their footsteps, as far as we could, and share their stories. Continue reading Following frontiersmen’s footsteps

Signing off – first published 21 March 2014


The first official day of spring 2014 and, as I walked in the bright chill of the morning, there were songs going through my head. These were songs I haven’t listened to for real for a long time, from an album by reggae band UB40. In fact they were songs from their very first album. You may be wondering why songs about, among other things, Gary Tyler, languishing in a Louisiana gaol for thirty odd years, or Martin Luther King, were going through my head. The reason is the name of the album, Signing Off, named because the band were all on the dole until that album was released. This was the day I was going to sign off myself. Continue reading Signing off – first published 21 March 2014

Fifteen minutes of fame and one final zebra


28 September 2016

A couple of weeks ago I had an email from Chris Hitchings, a journalist working for Radio Solent. He’d seen my post about finding the boundary stone in Lord’s Wood and wanted to know more. We had an email conversation about the stones and how I’d been searching for them and he said he’d like to interview me. This sounded a little disconcerting as I’ve never been one to crave the spotlight and at first I was inclined to decline. When Chris said he thought someone out in radio land might know where the two missing stones were though, I decided a touch of public humiliation was worth it. Continue reading Fifteen minutes of fame and one final zebra

Blue sky, floods and the Job Centre – first published 8 February 2014


With all the wind and rain we had in early February 2014 I got a bit behind with the February miles so I was hoping to fit a few in on my Job Centre jaunt. There was even a plan. After the Job Centre I thought I’d walk a winding route through the parks and wooded areas of the city centre and back home over Cobden Bridge with a little look at Riverside on the way. Another night of heavy rain plus morning news full of floods and weather warnings told me that might not be the best of plans. It was looking like my walking one hundred miles a month challenge might be doomed for February. Continue reading Blue sky, floods and the Job Centre – first published 8 February 2014

Ancient stones, builders and getting distracted


5 April 2016

The building work was almost finished. There was a shed base at the end of the garden, the wall was built and the boring repointing was all done. We were still waiting for a skip to be delivered and the potting shed hadn’t even been ordered never mind built but still, patience is a virtue, right? Anyhow, all that is another post altogether. With no builder and no skip due today I could get out for a walk. It was sorely needed. Unfortunately, as I had an appointment in town, it wasn’t going to be a very exciting one but you can’t have everything eh? Anyway, it was probably time I checked out what was happening with the repairs to the Bargate. Continue reading Ancient stones, builders and getting distracted

eight miles, walls, ruins and parks – first published 16 february 2013

St Julien's Church
St Julien’s Church

Walking the medieval Southampton walls had been interesting but it had also been a bit of a distraction from the main objective, which was to complete my eight mile Moonwalk Training walk. Although I’d completed a circuit of the walls there was still a lot of mileage ahead… They would be interesting miles. Continue reading eight miles, walls, ruins and parks – first published 16 february 2013

Ice, music, lifeboats and memorials

Holyrood church
Holyrood church

31 March 2015

Making my my way up towards Holyrood Church and the next stage of the Titanic trail, I couldn’t help thinking about all those passengers. How lucky they must have felt to secure tickets for the maiden voyage of this wonderful ship and how unlucky most turned out to be. For two days Titanic sailed through calm waters and good weather while passengers enjoyed the luxurious facilities, fine dining and entertainment. Continue reading Ice, music, lifeboats and memorials