Let’s go to Huntsville

11 May 2017

My twisted body clock woke me at quarter to five this morning. It was quarter to two in Vancouver and quarter to ten in England so goodness only knows what time zone my brain was in. The merest hint of pink was just beginning to show above the tree line outside. I took a quick photo and then tried to go back to sleep. Half an hour later I gave up. My body was determined it was morning so I might as well listen. The sky was a little lighter now, the line of pink rising up to meet the midnight blue sky.  Continue reading Let’s go to Huntsville

A little tour of Muskoka

10 May 2017

After a wonderful week in Vancouver we’d had a nightmare forty eight hours. When I woke at five fifteen this morning though, the view from my window chased the nightmare away immediately. A peachy glow lit the sky above the pines on the opposite side of Gull Lake, fading to a deep midnight blue. The trees outside our window were silhouetted against the glorious pre dawn sky and the lake gently rippled by the breeze. Commando was still sleeping but I sneaked out of bed and took a photo through the window then I lay watching the sun slowly rise. After a while I pulled on a jumper and crept out onto the balcony. Sometimes jet lag has its advantages and waking to watch the sun come up is up is one of them. Continue reading A little tour of Muskoka

Travel, Toronto and a comedy of errors

9 May 2017

Today was mostly taken up with travelling. This morning Commando woke with swollen and painful hands and a feverish feeling. His leg was still hurting but with the help of the Tylenol, he was able to walk. It seemed to me to be the work of some kind of virus rather than anything to do with the trip in Stanley Park. He limped down to Starbucks for a breakfast of croissant and yogurt parfait. Later we took a taxi to the airport where we sat around waiting for our flight. All the while I was keeping a rather nervous eye on him. He hobbled onto the plane. Five hours later he hobbled back off again. Along the way we’d lost three hours to the time change but at least we hadn’t lost our luggage. We were back to the disoriented jet lag thing again though.  Continue reading Travel, Toronto and a comedy of errors

A very peculiar colour – first published 10 December 2013


Early December 2013 and some kind of bug struck. Saturday morning saw me feeling tired, more tired than normal, I put it down to hefting all the boxes on Friday afternoon. By the time I came back from my jaunt up the Big Hill with CJ to get the food shopping, tiredness had become a vaguely sicky feeling. Somehow I managed to ignore it long enough to make the lasagne and the pizza topping for the week but after that I retired to the sofa and dozed the afternoon and evening away. I hardly ate a thing all day, couldn’t even bear the thought of food. It was very unlike me. Continue reading A very peculiar colour – first published 10 December 2013

coughing – first published 30 October 2013

One of my Dali prints just about sums it up
One of my Dali prints just about sums it up

There hadn’t been much walking going on due to feeling rubbish and not having enough sleep because of hacking my guts up most of the night. This was most definitely not an excuse. The coughing was an embarrassment especially on the bus to work. I could sense the other passengers trying to edge away from the horribly contagious and horrendously loud woman trying to sink down in her seat. The more I tried not to cough the worse it was, huge loud barks exploded out of me and I was all red faced and runny eyed. Continue reading coughing – first published 30 October 2013

What the hell is an inbox exercise? – first published 29 October 2013


I’d spent the  night cough, cough, coughing and I woke feeling as if I’d never been to bed, all foggy head and a bundle of coughs and sniffles. With a second interview on the horizon it wain’t ideal but I supposed I’d have to work with what I had. It seemed a touch déjà vu. I interviewed for the Mad House with a stinking cold and a horrible cough followed me through the first weeks of my training. Come to think of it I started at Silver Helm with a horrible cough. Perhaps it was a good omen. Continue reading What the hell is an inbox exercise? – first published 29 October 2013

Going to sea in large vegetables is a bad idea – first published 28 October 2013


October 28 2013 and the world outside my morning window was a scary looking affair, trees blowing all over the show, rain hammering down. The news was full of it, the worst storms in decades had finally hit the south of England with ninety mile an hour winds, torrential rain and flooding. I say finally because the weatherman had been warning us about it for days and I was beginning to think it was a bit like all those barbecue summers they promise us, not going to come to anything. Continue reading Going to sea in large vegetables is a bad idea – first published 28 October 2013

gremlins and a goodbye first published 29 July 2013


Gigi’s last day at work and I almost didn’t make it because of an upset tummy. In the end I did go to work though and, at lunchtime, there was some more rhino hunting with Alice. The Bargate rhinos were easy enough to find but the WestQuay rhino proved a tricky customer. Then we discovered one of the rhinos in the park had been vandalised… Continue reading gremlins and a goodbye first published 29 July 2013

Winchester, an exercise in not getting lost

Right, which way now?
Right, which way now?

3 March 2015

It started with a bus. The bus was late due to the roadworks on the bridge. It crawled along but it got me there in the end. Then there was a train. The train was delayed due to signalling problems at Woking. It arrived at the wrong platform, necessitating a mad dash up the stairs and down the stairs but I got there in the end. Good job I’m intimately acquainted with Southampton Central station so I knew where to go. I’m pretty sure a few people missed it. At least I’d had time to grab a coffee from the station cafe beforehand. Continue reading Winchester, an exercise in not getting lost

Shades of grey


11 – 14 February 2015

No, I’m not talking about the book Fifty Shades, or the film, I’m talking about the weather this week. Dull and grey was the order of the day on Wednesday and I was feeling rather grumpy and full of cold. This winter seems to have been one cold after another and I’m beginning to think someone should be spraying people down with disinfectant as they enter the office. On a whim I decided to walk across the Big Bridge for a change, seeing as the traffic didn’t look too bad for once. Besides I would be on the pavement so once I’d crossed the road traffic was immaterial really. Continue reading Shades of grey