Hahne Farm Trail

11 May 2017

“How about a little walk on the trail up the road?” Commando said. “The one with the big stone inukshuk.”
“The Hahne Farm Trail,”  obviously I didn’t need asking twice.
We’d been sitting on our balcony watching the Canada geese and goslings on the lake below, drinking coffee and resting from our morning adventure in Huntsville.  I was pretty sure Commando had only asked because he knew I was secretly disappointed by the lack of trail walking we’d done so far rather than any real desire to go walking on his part. Still, it was a short trail, around the same distance as a parkrun, and less than a mile from our chalet. If it proved too much for Commando’s leg we could easily turn back. Continue reading Hahne Farm Trail

A boat trip and a stroll on the beach

4 May 2017

Today was supposed to be the warmest, sunniest day of our stay in Vancouver, not that I always believe the weather forecast you understand. There was sun outside our hotel window when we got up this morning though and, when we walked down West Broadway in search of breakfast, it was warm even though it was still before eight. Over coffee, croissants and parfaits we both agreed it was the perfect day for a walk on the beach.

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Down by the lake


19 October 2015

After a three course lunch at the top of the CN Tower there was a need to walk some of it off so we set off along Front Street trying to decide where to go. Commando fancied having a look at the local football stadium in Liberty Village while I thought it would be nice to check out Garrison Common and Fort York. In the end we decided to split up at the smelly bridge and meet later by the exhibition centre where’d we’d picked up Commando’s race pack on our first day in Toronto. As it turned out, neither of our missions was particularly successful. Continue reading Down by the lake

Bears and cars, fear and learning in Muskoka


15 October 2015

Over a coffee Commando told me about his run all around the streets of Gravenhurst and how he’d found a nice place down by the lake and I told him about my hike on the trail and how I’d got lost, found another amazing fungus and been a bit worried about bears.
“There is a bear in the woods,” Commando said, “didn’t you see it?”
“Seriously?!” I gasped.
“Yes, it’s down by the lake,” he smiled, “I’ll show you if you like.”
“You are kidding me, right? It wouldn’t still be there now anyway would it?”
“This one would, come and see,” and he took my hand and led me outside. Continue reading Bears and cars, fear and learning in Muskoka

The Hahne farm trail, rocks, fallen trees and hidden markers


15 October 2015

We’d had a great evening with Maggie, Alan and Marina, reminiscing until long after dark. Sadly, Katie wasn’t well enough to join us but we did get a few moments to visit with her. She was frail and tired, so we didn’t stay too long but there were hugs and she seemed in remarkably good spirits, surrounded by beautiful things to make her smile. It seems she’s a girl after my own heart in that respect. The sky was filled with stars when we left and Alan explained Gravenhurst is a dark sky area. The street lights here face downwards, not out or up allowing a fantastic starry view. Continue reading The Hahne farm trail, rocks, fallen trees and hidden markers