Two bridges lite

4 January 2018

The first proper walk of 2018, if you don’t count lots of dashing about shopping or wandering around the Old Cemetery in the mud, was a version of Commando’s two bridge challenge. Frankly, at under four miles, it wasn’t much of a challenge but it was the first ‘just for the sake of walking’ walk of the year and there were swans, mud and some climbing that probably wouldn’t have seemed half as bad if I’d had breakfast before I went out.   Continue reading Two bridges lite

Ancient stones and the jamais remarqué phenomenon


17 February 2016

Since Christmas the arch through the Bargate has been blocked off. It began around the time Santa was flying over the city. Most people thought this was the reason for the barriers but Christmas came and went, Santa and the German Market packed up and the barriers stayed. Maybe they’d forgotten to take them down? When the arch was still blocked in February, it seemed something more sinister might be going on. Last week I discovered exactly what and thought I’d go and take some photos before our city landmark changed for ever. Continue reading Ancient stones and the jamais remarqué phenomenon