A snowy walk of the walls

1 March 2018

In the battle between parks and walls the walls won. The snow seemed to be getting harder so staying close to nice warm shops and cafes seemed the sensible thing to do. The precinct was almost deserted. All the really sensible people were probably in WestQuay enjoying the warm and dry. We walked past and headed straight for Bargate. There was less snow than I’d hoped but the medieval gateway stood on an island of white with flurries of fat flakes fluttering all around it.  Continue reading A snowy walk of the walls

a very old house – first published 4 August 2013


The first Sunday in August 2013 and, as usual Commando was out on a run and I was cleaning the bathroom, washing clothes and pegging them on the line. When he came home we went to town, just for a mooch around. It’s something we do once in a while on a Sunday afternoon. Then Commando asked if I fancied a coffee in Tudor House. This was not something at all normal and I jumped at the chance. For all the times I’d walked past it I had never been inside. Continue reading a very old house – first published 4 August 2013

Coffee in a medieval garden and an air raid!

Tudor House Museum
Tudor House Museum

7 June 2015

When our tour of the vaults and walls ended outside the Wool House my foot was a little achy and CJ and I were in need of coffee. The Wool House already looked packed so we decided to walk up Bugle Street towards the centre of town and find somewhere there. As part of the price of the tour we’d been given discount tickets for Tudor House Museum. CJ was keen to use them but, given the time and my aching toe, I thought we’d be better saving them for another day. Besides, it was sunny and we’d spent a great deal of the morning underground. There was no reason we couldn’t go inside for a coffee though and maybe a little look at the garden. Continue reading Coffee in a medieval garden and an air raid!