A step back in time


17 August 2016

Our disappointment in the parks wasn’t quite the end of our zebra hunting. It’s quite possible my feet would have taken me on the next part of today’s walk without my brain even noticing. For more than six years my walk to work took almost the same route we’d walked so far. When I planed out this zebra hunt it hadn’t even occurred to me but now, the sights and sounds, the place we crossed the road, suddenly brought it all back.  Continue reading A step back in time

another London jaunt – first published 17 May 2013


May 2013 seemed to be all about London for me, what with auditions and the Moonwalk. Less than a week after my epic nighttime walk around the big city, I was hopping on a London bound train again.  It was time to meet Arabella for the second round of auditions. At least this time I knew exactly where the Music Studios were and what to expect. At least I thought I did. Continue reading another London jaunt – first published 17 May 2013