SS Shieldhall

14 September 2019

As a reward for all the long walks, or maybe out of guilt for having signed me up for a marathon without my knowledge, Commando arranged a little treat for this afternoon. This came in the form of a cruise, although not the kind most people would imagine when they think of the port of Southampton.

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The Soke and the oldest church in Winchester

5 August 2018

A quick look at the map made up my mind. The top part of Blue Ball Hill looked to be devoid of houses and I could see the square tower of a church a little way along St John’s Street. Old churches are almost impossible to resist and I could always walk back up and explore further afterwards. With this in mind I began to walk along St John’s Street. There were so many interesting looking houses, it was slow going and, as I walked, I realised I was gradually going downhill, slowly losing all the altitude I’d gained with so much effort earlier. Continue reading The Soke and the oldest church in Winchester

Memories of the early 1960’s – landmark days and the passage of time


January 1965

While some of my earliest memories are vivid and detailed, most are very vaguely fixed in time. Once I started school, dates began to mean something to me. My days were ordered into week days, weekends, months and years interspersed with long school holidays. There were also a few landmark events, dates that will never be forgotten.  Continue reading Memories of the early 1960’s – landmark days and the passage of time

Love and landmarks


10 February 2014

Commando and I don’t do Valentines Day. There are no hearts and flowers, heart shaped chocolates or fancy, expensive cards in our house. That is not to say we are not romantic, we just don’t need a special day to show how much we love each other. In the spirit of St Valentine though, I thought I’d revisit a landmark from our past for my Tuesday walk. As the germs going round the office seemed to have settled in my throat and chest the fact that it wasn’t too long a walk was a bonus. Continue reading Love and landmarks