Parkrun tourism, a return to Lee-on-Solent

22 June 2019

As the Race For Life was being held on Southampton Common this weekend we had to find another parkrun. There was a great deal of discussion about which one, with suggestions of various events we haven’t been to before. In the end though, we settled on a return to Lee-on-Solent, mostly because it was fairly close to home and didn’t involve getting up at silly o’clock. At least not for Commando and I.

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The Gosport Half Marathon and PB for Commando – first published 17 november 2013


Saturday 16 November 2013 was completely devoted to food. First there was a wander around Sainsbury’s with a basket that ended up so heavy I could hardly carry it. “Why didn’t you get a trolley?” Commando said when I moaned. The simple answer was, if I could fit it in a basket I knew I could carry it home. Even so the walk back down the hill was a struggle with four heavy canvas bags, two slung over each shoulder. After that it was packing away food and cooking food. Seriously, all I did all day was that and a quick bathroom clean. The kitchen was filled with containers of curry, home made curry pastes, pastas and a chicken noodle stir fry. The reason for all this mad Saturday activity was the Gosport Half Marathon.  Continue reading The Gosport Half Marathon and PB for Commando – first published 17 november 2013

On Tour!


7 May 2016

Saturday is Parkrun day, at least it is in our house. This Saturday was a little different though because, for once, there was no Parkrun on the Common. A big event was going on there, a kind of obstacle race with giant inflatables like bouncy castles and the Parkrunners had been ousted for a week. Commando thought he’d probably go to Victoria Country Park instead and, remembering the last time I’d watched him run there, I was quite looking forward to it. There’s nothing quite like a stroll beside the sea first thing in the morning to set you up for the day. Continue reading On Tour!

the Gosport half marathon

Runners gathering at Bay House School
Runners gathering at Bay House School

16 November 2014

Shortly after eight on Sunday morning Commando and I were in Mattie Matiz setting off for the Gosport Half Marathon. Unsurprisingly it was raining. It seems I’m going to have to learn to love walking in the rain or give up altogether. The first option is difficult, the second impossible. This was the third Gosport Half for Commando and the first one we haven’t got lost getting to. Before you say anything he has always been both driver and navigator. Continue reading the Gosport half marathon