More Running School Adventures

17 July 2018

Today was my second session at the Running School. Part of me was slightly less nervous about the whole thing because I knew roughly what to expect. Another part of me was slightly more nervous for precisely the same reason. This time I only had to walk one way though, which was a bonus. As the session was slightly later Commando was going to pick me up afterwards. Another bonus was a relatively cloudy sky, something we haven’t had for weeks and weeks. The sun would not be beating down on me as I walked. Sadly, it was still more than a little humid so I was still going to get hot.  Continue reading More Running School Adventures

Pears, picking litter and pony traps


11 August 2015

Saturday was the day of the annual Big Beach Clean Up on Weston Shore. Of course, I was working so, much as I’d have liked to, I couldn’t be there. The Friends of Weston Shore do a fantastic job organising these events and keeping the shore clean although I always think it’s a shame they have to. If everyone took their rubbish home there’d be no need and these dedicated folks could spend their time enjoying the beach. Unfortunately, people just discarding litter wherever they like, even right next to a bin, seems to be a sign of the times. Continue reading Pears, picking litter and pony traps