The good the bad and the soaking wet

16 August 2019

Sixteen miles isn’t an easy distance to walk, at least not for most normal mortals. It’s the point when everything starts to feel tough and muscles start to protest. Knowing this, I’d spent some time planning an interesting route with some really pretty bits in the second half to take Kim’s mind off her aching legs and feet. In fact I was looking forward to it because I’d found an unexplored footpath that I was fairly sure would take us onto the Itchen Navigation at Kiln Lane. It was one I’d passed many times but had never actually walked.

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All about hills

6 August 2019

One of the worrying things about the Clarendon Marathon, apart from having to walk twenty six point two miles in under eight hours, is the last five miles. By all accounts they are very hilly, including a trek up Farley Mount (the Mount part is a particular worry). With this in mind I thought our short walks should be hilly ones. On Sunday morning I scouted out part of today’s eight mile route and I was fairly sure Kim wouldn’t thank me for it, at least not today. Maybe on Marathon day though, she would.

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Ten miles, cygnets and coffee

7 July 2019

The route for our ten mile Clarendon Marathon training walk was an obvious one, at least to me. The midpoint between my house and Kim’s is Woodmill so we arranged to meet there at eight o’clock this morning. Eight might seem a little early on a Sunday morning for most people but, given the heatwave we’ve been experiencing, starting early, before it got too hot, seemed the sensible thing to do. Besides, Rob and Commando had gone out at silly o’clock for a run so we were both awake anyway.

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A short long walk, then some running

30 June 2019

Kim and I are loosely following a marathon walking training plan to get ready for Clarendon. Loosely being the operative word because Kim works shifts and we live on opposite sides of the city. During the week we walk separately, each trying to fit in miles as and when we can. The plan is to have one long walk together a week. Much like I did for my last Moonwalk training, the long walks alternate between one long walk week and the next half the previous week’s distance. Each long walk week is two miles longer than the last. It sounds complicated but it really isn’t.

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Lots of small steps

29 June 2019

This week I have been getting my head around the enormity of the two challenges I’ve undertaken. The Million Steps Challenge doesn’t begin until 1 July but I’ve worked out I will need to walk around eleven thousand steps a day. Training for the Clarendon Marathon should more than take care of that.

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Two challenges

21 June 2019

A little while ago I saw a Facebook post about a challenge to walk one million steps between July and September this year. Thirteen weeks walking around 11,000 steps a day seemed doable and the money raised would go to Diabetes UK. As my wonderful Mother in Law, April, suffered with type II Diabetes, it was a charity close to my heart so, on a whim, I signed up.

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Lost with Care For A Walk 2016

Photo by Pete Luke
Photo by Pete Luke

18 March 2016

It’s that time of year again. Time for a nice little fifteen mile stroll with the Care For A Walk team to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Care. So there we were again, eight o’clock on a Saturday morning eating bacon rolls in the New Inn in Totton. For once Commando wasn’t actually eating. He was going for an eighteen mile run while I was walking. The Manchester Marathon is coming up and he’s turned into an elite athlete these days. Bacon rolls were most certainly not on the menu, at least not before a run. Continue reading Lost with Care For A Walk 2016

Casing the marathon joint – first published 29 September 2013


The penultimate day of September 2013 was all about casing the marathon joint before Commando’s first full marathon. We were off on a trip to Bournemouth, my first since I was a teenager. Bournemouth wasn’t somewhere Commando knew all that well either and neither, it turns out, did our sat nav. Despite inputting Kings Park, the start venue, we ended up about two miles away, at a car park near the pier. We hoped it wasn’t an omen for the race. Continue reading Casing the marathon joint – first published 29 September 2013

hungry, thirsty, lost and worried- first published 18 August 2013


While Commando was running his eighteen miles to train for his first marathon I’d walked across White Moor, skirted Matley Woods, negotiated a muddy field and was heading for the shelter of the trees. As usual, I was lost and there were two choices of path. Why does that always happen? Continue reading hungry, thirsty, lost and worried- first published 18 August 2013

Loneliness of the long distance runner – first published 18 August 2013

Commando on a Parkrun
Commando on a Parkrun

Commando was training for his first marathon. His first Sunday morning run of August was fifteen miles, his longest ever. He ended up, hot but otherwise unscathed from his long, long run. He did say his calves were a little achy so I added peppermint oil to some of my body butter and gave them a massage which he said did the trick. He could have just been trying to make me feel better though. Either way I was very proud of him. The next run was eighteen miles. Continue reading Loneliness of the long distance runner – first published 18 August 2013