Hamble or bust

27 October 2017

Last week, a little dawdling and some getting lost on our walk through Spear Pond Gully meant we missed the chance to drop in on Commando at work. Today was his last training shift so I thought I’d walk down to Hamble and meet him while I still had the chance. In theory it should have been a nice easy walk, all downhill after the climb to get to the village but timing would be key. Arrive too early and there’d be a lot of waiting around, too late and I’d have a long, uphill walk home.  Continue reading Hamble or bust

Now for something completely different

14 October 2017

September and October seem to be all about busy weekends in our house and this weekend was no exception. At times it feels as if running events are taking over my life. Today though, we were up stupidly early for something completely different, although the Spitfires and a certain amount of running would be involved. It was a race, but a very different kind of race and it started at the Millennium Garden in Woolston so at least we didn’t have far to go.

Continue reading Now for something completely different

The sea and the sky

20 September 2017

When I woke up to blue sky I knew exactly where I wanted to go today. Blue sky and sea go together like chocolate and orange. Ok, so it was only a tiny little bit of blue sky amongst quite a lot of cloud but still, beggars can’t be choosers in late September.  Continue reading The sea and the sky

Tales from the photo archive part four – summer


This summer was mostly hot and humid and much of it was taken up with RR10’s, zebra hunting and Commando’s broken leg. Armed with my new camera I took lots of photos, far too many to fit into posts. These are the best of the summer photos that didn’t make it.  Continue reading Tales from the photo archive part four – summer

A princess, a queen and a sun lounger disaster – first published 8 June 2013(2)


Yesterday I told you all about the Spitfire factory and the old Floating Bridges. My plan had been to walk down to the shore and have a look at the Royal Princess from the other side of the water, trying out a different route in the process. Passing the old Supermarine site and the remains of the Floating Bridges was purely incidental but, as so often happens, I got a bit distracted and it was an interesting diversion. It’s good to make plans but not if you stick to them too rigidly, I prefer to go with the flow. Next stop, Weston Shore to see if I could get a better view of the giant ship. Continue reading A princess, a queen and a sun lounger disaster – first published 8 June 2013(2)

Sea, sand and pebbles – first published 30 October 2012


At the end of October 2012 I had much better weather for my walk along the shore. In fact it was prefect walking weather, cold and bright without too much wind. Back then work had not long begun on painting the tall flats and the whole of the Itchen Bridge could be seen across a sea of rubble on the old Vosper Thorneycroft site. So much has changed in just over two years but so much remains the same. Continue reading Sea, sand and pebbles – first published 30 October 2012

just a little further

Freemantle Common
Freemantle Common

13 January 2015

The weekend was sadly lacking in walking, much to my annoyance. Of course I don’t regret for one minute spending time with Panda on Sunday and, at the time, I thought I was sure to get a decent walk in over the next two days. On Monday though violent winds and  heavy rain ment I hardly went outside. Continue reading just a little further