A sleepless night and a walk on the Thunder Run course

21 July 2018

In the end the rain last night came to nothing much. We moved our chairs under Rob and Kim’s gazebo and sat sipping hot chocolate and eating peanuts waiting for the thunder to start. It was certainly humid enough for it and watching a storm under canvas might have been fun. As it was, there was just light rain for a while and the smell of warm dry earth soaking it up thirstily. It was all over before we went to bed. Continue reading A sleepless night and a walk on the Thunder Run course

Mist and other ephemeral things

2 November 2017

For my first walk of November I had the most glorious autumn morning. When I left Home the sky was blue and the sun was trying hard to burn off the morning mist as I crossed the railway bridge. On such a lovely day it was impossible not to walk along with a huge grin on my face, even if it did make me look like a loon. The plan was to walk into town to have a look at a new sculpture I’d heard about.  Continue reading Mist and other ephemeral things

Rain and the Thunder Run

22 July 2017

The rain didn’t stop. In fact it got worse and worse as the evening wore on. There was a brief interlude of almost dryness, just long enough for Pete the Meat to cook burgers and sausages on a couple of reluctant portable barbecues under the awning of Rob and Kim’s tent then it got so bad everyone retired to their respective shelters. We slept on our new air bed inside our new sleeping bags with the sound of rain pounding on canvas as a lullaby. It was a sleep broken by worries about floods washing us away. The name Trent is Celtic for strongly flooding and the river is renowned for it.  Continue reading Rain and the Thunder Run

Agility training, hilarity, silly runs and bravery

15 March 2017

A couple of days ago I got a personal invite from Gill to take photos of his next agility training session at the sports centre. Obviously I said I’d go along but, as it would be dark, I wasn’t promising to come up with much in the way of decent photos. Darkness and fast moving objects are a photographic recipe for disaster, or at least blurryness. The sessions are interesting though and I always come away having learned something just by watching so I was looking forward to it.  Continue reading Agility training, hilarity, silly runs and bravery

Mist, ice and ponies at Kings Garn Inclosure

22 January 2017

They say there’s no peace for the wicked and it certainly felt that way this weekend. As if the early start on Saturday for the Netley parkrun wasn’t enough, there was a CC6 today at Kings Garn Inclosure in the New Forest. Commando was otherwise occupied running with the fast boys on Sunday Runday but Darren kindly offered to give me a lift. Maybe kind isn’t quite the word I’m looking for here. At least it wasn’t what I was thinking when I stood outside my house at eight o’clock on one of the coldest, iciest mornings we have had this winter.  Continue reading Mist, ice and ponies at Kings Garn Inclosure

A different sea

7 December 2016

After the blue skies and sun of Cyprus the UK took a bit of getting used to. It was cold. It was wet. It was grey. There was also a great deal of washing to be done and catching up with a week’s worth of chores, not to mention CJ’s birthday. This meant a week with very little walking unless you count trudging up the Big Hill for milk in the rain  kind of walking. Today though there was blue sky. Ok, so it was still well below freezing but I was missing the sky and the sea so much I decided to take a walk down to the shore. Continue reading A different sea

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness


3 November 2016

Poetry is something I’ve always been fond of so having to learn poems by heart at school was never a hardship. Long before I met Commando and acquired a poetic surname, one of my favourites was John Keats, To autumn. The fact that it was written as he walked a trail through the water meadows in Winchester makes it all the more special and I’ve long been meaning to follow in his footsteps. Today, with the words of the poem running through my head, CJ and I did just that.  Continue reading Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Another day another stone


1 November 2016

Following my fifteen minutes of radio fame CJ and I spent a fruitless couple of hours wandering around Basset Woods looking for a boundary stone on the strength of a cryptic message. Searching on Google maps showed what I thought was a stone on the edge of the woods. It turned out not to be but the same search turned up another possible stone, this one ancient rather than modern. Today CJ and I decided to check it out. Continue reading Another day another stone

Bad dreams, good news and boxes – first published 21 november 2013


In late 2013, the business of slowly dismantling our office continued and there was more than a little drama over some marketing boxes. For once I wasn’t the on carting them about but it wasn’t for lack of trying on the part of the new Marketing Manager.  Through it all I kept dreaming about houses and desperately trying to find things to make me smile. Continue reading Bad dreams, good news and boxes – first published 21 november 2013

first frost the cold bites first published 13 november 2013


After a red sky night I woke to a dry November morning with clear skies. There had been so many wet morning, I’d forgotten what a dry day looked like. I’d also forgotten what frost looked like and the lack of cloud cover brought the first frost of the year. The garden was a rime covered sparkling wonderland when the sun finally came up and I was excited to get out there. Continue reading first frost the cold bites first published 13 november 2013