Change of plan

26 July 2018

This morning I had my third appointment at the Running School. To be honest, after the camping and travelling I wasn’t feeling the love. Neither was I entirely convinced I’d get through it. What I really should have been doing, once I got home, was resting and stretching, with maybe a little bit of practicing the glute bridges, twisting stretches and the like. There’d been barely any time for all that though. What with the unpacking, washing, shopping, Old Cemetery visiting, picture taking at the mile race, editing and posting said photos, trying to catch up with the newsletter writing, blah, blah, blah, I’d barely had time to blink.

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When winter and spring collide

18 March 2018

Today I was supposed to be tailwalking the Eastleigh 10k. With the bitter cold and unending rain of the last few days it wasn’t a prospect I was relishing. Tailwalking is usually a slow business and the current weather demands a fast pace to keep warm. As it was, the weather decided to intervene. A few flakes of snow began to fall as we left parkrun yesterday morning. While we were enjoying our post parkrun coffee in the Bellemoor a message came through to say the race was cancelled. It was something of a relief.  By the time we left the pub it was snowing in earnest and, by this morning, it was clear cancelling the race had been a smart move. Continue reading When winter and spring collide

A floral tour of Monks Brook Meadows


21 July 2016

The medical bods can’t seem to decide whether Commando is suffering from a stress fracture or a ligament issue. Either way the advice is rest, ice, elevation and two weeks off work. While he was at home finally doing what he was told, CJ and I decided to go for a walk. It was another hot, muggy morning so sticking close to water and shade was the order of the day.  Continue reading A floral tour of Monks Brook Meadows

Storm damage


28 March 2016

It turns out the storm chasing me on my walk back from Moorgreen was actually Storm Katie and, despite the sunshine when I reached the village, she hadn’t finished with us. Last night the house was pounded by rain and buffeted by howling wind. It kept me awake, worrying my roof was going to come off. This morning all was well, apart from a lot of debris in the garden. While I was surveying the non damage I heard someone in the garden next door saying ‘oh bugger,’ over and over. The carport roof next door was peeled back like the lid of a sardine tin. As I’m pretty sure that roof was only held on by blu tack I was hardly surprised. Continue reading Storm damage

Mickey Mouse ears, flying pigs and twelve miles – first published 11 January 2013


Back at the beginning of 2013 I was on tenterhooks after Mr Bumble’s string of disasters waiting to hear whether she actually made it to Florida and her one and a half marathons. All evening, between plotting my weekend walk and trying not to eat rubbish, I’d been scanning the news channels for items about Florida bound planes diverted to Outer Mongolia due to a flock of low flying pigs or similar. Then a Facebook message pinged up on my iPad… Continue reading Mickey Mouse ears, flying pigs and twelve miles – first published 11 January 2013

Ice and the price of progress – first published 2 December 2012


My first Moonwalk training walk of December 2012 took me on what was to become, more or less, one of my current walks to work. At the time, it was a walk I hadn’t done in years and some things weren’t how I remembered them at all. Sometimes it seems progress isn’t always for the better… Continue reading Ice and the price of progress – first published 2 December 2012

What happened to winter?

Monks Walk
Monks Walk

19 & 20 December 2014

By Friday morning the WordPress upgrade debacle of the night before felt like it had been a bad dream. When I checked the blog I was glad to see things looked relatively normal although some work was still needed to make things pretty. Sadly I didn’t have time for that because I had to go to work. At least it wasn’t raining but the wet pavements told me it had been. It was colder by a few degrees too but nothing that could really be termed wintry. It may be December but somehow winter doesn’t seem to be able to get a grip this year. Continue reading What happened to winter?