Another day another stone


1 November 2016

Following my fifteen minutes of radio fame CJ and I spent a fruitless couple of hours wandering around Basset Woods looking for a boundary stone on the strength of a cryptic message. Searching on Google maps showed what I thought was a stone on the edge of the woods. It turned out not to be but the same search turned up another possible stone, this one ancient rather than modern. Today CJ and I decided to check it out. Continue reading Another day another stone

A one handed clock, cygnets and a few trains


21 July 2016

Monks Brook Meadows is connected to Monks Brook Playing Fields via a tunnel under Stoneham Way. It was an oasis of shade on our hot walk. We were slightly reluctant to leave it. The playing field is bordered by more trees and meadow but we walked through without stopping this time. There are only so many pictures of flowers even I am willing to take. The next part of our journey was not one I was looking forward to.  Continue reading A one handed clock, cygnets and a few trains