Light and shade

Much colder than it looks
Much colder than it looks

27 & 28 Declener 2014

On Saturday I had to go back to work but consoled myself with a reminder that we were all allowed to go home two hours early so I’d only be working nine to five. Unfortunately this reminder put the Dolly Parton song in my head and it followed me all through the cold streets to the office. Winter appeared to have arevived  overnight and, although we had no snow, or even frost, the wind that kept me awake by trying to blow my house down was icy cold. The sunrise photo I took on the river made it look far warmer than it felt and, up on Horseshoe Bridge , even the bars of golden light shining through the struts couldn’t make me hang around to try for a decent photo. Continue reading Light and shade

Mansbridge, last minute shopping and making up the miles


21 December 2014

Somehow Christmas has crept up on me when I wasn’t looking. Perhaps this has something to do with losing four days to flu. So Sunday found me with presents to buy and lots of miles to walk if I wanted to make the hundred by the end of the month. It seemed a good idea, then, to combine the two things and walk the five miles to the Swan Centre in Eastleigh. Continue reading Mansbridge, last minute shopping and making up the miles

common land and hidden gems

Freemantle Common
Early morning on Freemantle Common

20 November 2014

After such a warm, wet autumn my little garden is in need of some tender loving care right now. Unfortunately, the need of the garden in Commando Senior’s crooked little house was greater. This meant a little morning walk across Freemantle Common with my folding secateurs in my rucksack. Thankfully it wasn’t raining and it certainly beats walking to work. Continue reading common land and hidden gems

A promise not a resolution – First published 5 January 2014


It wasn’t the greatest start to 2014. There I was, redundant again, ever so slightly depressed and feeling lost and bewildered. What I needed was something to motivate me, maybe something like a New Year’s Resolution. Of course I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions but promises and challenges, well they’re a different matter. This post was the birth of a personal challenge to walk one hundred miles a month in 2014.  Continue reading A promise not a resolution – First published 5 January 2014