Hamble or bust

27 October 2017

Last week, a little dawdling and some getting lost on our walk through Spear Pond Gully meant we missed the chance to drop in on Commando at work. Today was his last training shift so I thought I’d walk down to Hamble and meet him while I still had the chance. In theory it should have been a nice easy walk, all downhill after the climb to get to the village but timing would be key. Arrive too early and there’d be a lot of waiting around, too late and I’d have a long, uphill walk home.  Continue reading Hamble or bust

A two walk Saturday – first published 9 February 2014


Usually one walk a day is enough but, in Fenruary 2014, with almost constant rain and floods all over the city I was struggling to fit in the miles for the one hundred miles a month challenge I’d set myself. A Staurday morning with blue sky was too good an opportunity to miss and I ended up with not one, but two walks. Continue reading A two walk Saturday – first published 9 February 2014

A partridge in a pear tree, almost


4 December 2015

When I woke up this morning I had that kind of thick, tickly feeling that usually means a cold is waiting to pounce. There was also a slightly annoying Christmas song going round and round in my head. Worse still I couldn’t quite remember which gift came on which day of Christmas apart from the five golden rings and the Partridge in a pear tree. There seemed to be only one way to deal with both these issues, get out in the sun and visit a real pear tree. Well it was kill or cure anyway. Continue reading A partridge in a pear tree, almost

Pears, picking litter and pony traps


11 August 2015

Saturday was the day of the annual Big Beach Clean Up on Weston Shore. Of course, I was working so, much as I’d have liked to, I couldn’t be there. The Friends of Weston Shore do a fantastic job organising these events and keeping the shore clean although I always think it’s a shame they have to. If everyone took their rubbish home there’d be no need and these dedicated folks could spend their time enjoying the beach. Unfortunately, people just discarding litter wherever they like, even right next to a bin, seems to be a sign of the times. Continue reading Pears, picking litter and pony traps