The metamorphosis of the forgotten walls

15 February 2018

For many years the medieval walls from Bargate to Polymond Tower have been neglected and largely forgotten. They are so well hidden behind the shops on Hanover Buildings and the old Bargate Shopping Centre many people don’t even know they are there. Those that do venture along York Walk are often met with a dark, dingy, rubbish strewn journey. With the demolition of the Bargate Centre, this is about to change. There are ambitious plans to open up York Walk and make a feature out of the walls and towers there. Demolition work began a few weeks ago and today, as I was in town on business, I thought I’d see how it was going. Continue reading The metamorphosis of the forgotten walls

hidden gems, the medieval north walls

Polymond Tower
Polymond Tower

15 February 2015

Typically, once I left the river on Sunday, the sky began to brighten a little. Isn’t it always the way? After a quick stop to replenish my tissue supplies I made my way up towards the centre of town and, on a whim, decided to cut through the back of the abandoned Bargate Centre to see what, if anything, was happening to the hidden stretch of medieval wall there. Continue reading hidden gems, the medieval north walls