Quacky races

21 April 2017

In our house early starts usually mean races and it was certainly early when CJ and I left the house. We were heading for Mansbridge and a race but any similarity to a normal race day ended with the early hour. For one Commando was still at home in bed sleeping off the night shift. There were no trainers, no race kit and there would be no medals at the end. My camera was in my bag though. We’d been reliably informed there would be a whole lot of ducklings to see and I didn’t want to miss them.  Continue reading Quacky races

Wilverley, ponies galore and a CC6

12 March 2017

For a while it was touch and go whether I’d be able to go to the last CC6 at Wilverley. Commando was busy with marathon training and wouldn’t be going himself and Kylie was taking the numbers so I wasn’t actually needed, as such. Of course I could have just taken the car and gone on my own but the last time we went to Wilverley, for the second RR10 last May, we got terribly lost, even with Commando navigating. The chances of me finding the place on my own were slim to none, the chances of getting badly lost and missing the whole race were high. Continue reading Wilverley, ponies galore and a CC6

Denny Wood, the penultimate CC6

19 February 2017

Today brought the penultimate CC6 at Denny Wood in the New Forest. For once it was an area I knew fairly well as I’ve walked through it many times as part of the Care For A Walk fifteen mile fundraiser. Usually it is muddy and I had the feeling today was going to be no exception. On a different day I might have gone for a wander across White Moor to Lyndhurst and Bolton’s Bench a coulple of miles down Beaulieu Road, or crossed the road and done my usual trick of getting lost in Matley Wood. Today though I was being gentle on my poor old foot with its healing blister. Besides, there wouldn’t be too much time as, James, one of the Spitfire’s super fast runners, was running his first CC6.  Continue reading Denny Wood, the penultimate CC6

Race two, The Gosport 5k – first published 1 june 2014

June 2014, Commando had finished the Gosport Golden mile and we were sitting on the shingle at Stokes Bay relaxing. It was a warm day and even a mile, when run at top speed, is a huge effort. Of course this wasn’t the end of the running for the morning, there was still a 5K race to be run… Continue reading Race two, The Gosport 5k – first published 1 june 2014

Stokes Bay, yellow submarines and a golden mile – first published 1 june 2014

The first Sunday of June 2014 and another early start in my capacity as blister technician and chief bag carrier. Commando was running the Gosport Golden Mile and 5k again. It’s a bit of an odd race, a mile sprint followed immediately by a second 5k race run on the same course along the shore at Stokes Bay. It’s a bit of an odd place too, as I was to find out. Continue reading Stokes Bay, yellow submarines and a golden mile – first published 1 june 2014

Mist, ice and ponies at Kings Garn Inclosure

22 January 2017

They say there’s no peace for the wicked and it certainly felt that way this weekend. As if the early start on Saturday for the Netley parkrun wasn’t enough, there was a CC6 today at Kings Garn Inclosure in the New Forest. Commando was otherwise occupied running with the fast boys on Sunday Runday but Darren kindly offered to give me a lift. Maybe kind isn’t quite the word I’m looking for here. At least it wasn’t what I was thinking when I stood outside my house at eight o’clock on one of the coldest, iciest mornings we have had this winter.  Continue reading Mist, ice and ponies at Kings Garn Inclosure

A run in Victoria Country Park – first published 18 May 2014

Mid May 2014 and Commando had a race to go to. As ever, I tagged along for the walk. Even at nine thirty it was sunny enough that I had to track down the sun screen before we left the house and, for once, I didn’t even take a coat with me. The venue was Victoria Country Park, somewhere I’ve walked many times and, as it was only a 10k and would take Commando less than an hour, I wasn’t going to get a chance for much of a walk in but, still, a walk is a walk and I had a plan… Continue reading A run in Victoria Country Park – first published 18 May 2014

Badger Farm, running in the fog

8 January 2017

The first CC6 of the year was at Badger Farm, near Winchester. Despite a thick fog as we headed towards Winchester, there was no getting lost. This could be considered as something of a miracle given our track record. We both remembered walking through Badger Farm during the Winchester Half Marathon and the map told us the event was almost in sight of St Cross Hospital, divided from it by the railway line. Even so, finding the Sainsbury’s car park which also acted as the official race car park, was touch and go. When we did, I was delighted to see an open Starbucks. Continue reading Badger Farm, running in the fog

The last race, medals and beer

27 November 2016

Our long day didn’t quite end with the sunset in Paphos yesterday. Although Commando’s legs were weary after three back to back events and my temperamental Achilles tendon was grumbling at a week of almost non stop walking, we still had to eat. There was one last walk up the hill in the dark to the Coral King for a leisurely dinner. As we sipped our after dinner coffee I noticed we’d been sitting beneath a fresco of the Greek warrior Achilles.  It seemed quite an irony in the circumstances. Continue reading The last race, medals and beer

From the mountain to the beach

26 November 2016

After a slightly hair raising coach journey down the winding mountain road with its precipitous drops to certain death, we arrived at Toxeftra Beach. As the coach crept down the steep, bumpy slope onto the beach I looked through the window, open mouthed, at the fantastical rock formations we passed. This was the mouth of the Avakas gorge, created over thousands of years by the Avgas River flowing through the limestone eroding a narrow pathway with sides up to thirty metres high.  Continue reading From the mountain to the beach