RR10 Wilverley, getting lost, rainbows, woods and sunsets


18 May 2016

The second RR10 started out with all the makings of a complete disaster. For a start, the weather wasn’t playing ball. It had been raining on and off all day and it didn’t look like it was going to get better any time soon. Commando swore he knew where he was going when we set out but the further we went, the clearer it became this was not strictly true. The event was at Wilverley Imclosure between Brockenhurst and Sway. When I saw a sign for New Milton I was fairly sure we were lost but, having trusted Commando up until this point, I hadn’t bothered to check the map before we left. This turned out to be a mistake. Continue reading RR10 Wilverley, getting lost, rainbows, woods and sunsets

Just a little further


28 March 2016

“Just a little further,” CJ said, still looking at the pigeons surveying the storm damage. Usually that’s my line and I wasn’t sure of the wisdom of going much further when the storm seemed to be gathering all around us. “I’d like to see the greylag geese.”
Despite my misgivings, we carried on. Maybe our luck would hold. If not I could blame CJ, although that wouldn’t be much use when we were both soaking wet. Oddly, the sky over Portswood, where it had been black and dropping rain earlier, was now blue, probably because this black clouds were now in front of us. Continue reading Just a little further

The walk that never was


7 January 2016

On Thursday morning I had an appointment with the dentist. Driving there was an option but parking is in short supply near my dentist and I really could have done with the exercise after a very lazy December so I decided to walk. After my appointment I thought I’d have a wander in Hatch Grange which is nearby and then maybe through West End Copse for good measure. I fact I might even walk through Hum Hole on the way there too, three woods in one walk, how much better does it get? Continue reading The walk that never was

The last walk


31 December 2015

It seemed fitting that my last walk of the year should be one of my oldest routes. In fact, looking back. It was my last walk of 2014 too so it seems to be a bit of a tradition. The weatherman said it would stay dry until mid afternoon but I didn’t really believe him so I made sure I was well waterproofed when I set off. The sky was blue, I’d almost forgotten sky came in colours other than grey. Although it was colder than it has been, the proof that this has been one of the warmest December’s on record came as I headed for Monks Walk and saw blossom on a tree. Continue reading The last walk