Not finding things in Telegraph Woods

14 September 2017

This morning began with a trip to the dentist. Nice as everyone is there, it really isn’t my favourite place in the world so I thought I’d cheer myself up with a little detour on the way home. Usually I turn left when I leave the dentist and head west towards the river. This time I turned right and then immediately right again onto Upper New Road, not entirely sure where it would lead me but happy just to walk and find out. How lost could I get? Continue reading Not finding things in Telegraph Woods

Quobb Lane and Men of the Trees

24 January 2017

The icy cold continued into the week so, not wishing to loose any appendages to frostbite, I decided on a shorter walk than normal today. For a while I’ve been meaning to check out the cemetery at Quobb Lane and today seemed like the day for it.  With the weather and the conditions underfoot fairly unpredictable, I’d plotted a few alternative circular routes so CJ and I could make a descision based on what we found.  Continue reading Quobb Lane and Men of the Trees