The last RR10

23 August 2017

The final RR10 of the season was organised by Eastleigh running club. The original plan had been to hold it at Marwell, just like last year, but there was an issue with the venue and it ended up being postponed. In the end tonight’s race was held at a completely new venue, the University Sports Ground on Wide Lane. This is a place I’ve walked past many, many times, on my way to Winchester, Eastleigh, or just Lakeside which is actually the next set of fields along the road. Because it’s not open to the public though, I’ve never been inside. Continue reading The last RR10

The rain continues at Itchen Valley

2 August 2017

After a day spent painting my living room ceiling while the rain teemed down outside I can’t say I was much looking forward to the RR10 at Itchen valley Country Park tonight. For one, I was tired. Painting ceilings is surprisingly hard work and this one looked as if it might still need another coat. On top of this I’d been struggling with a trapped nerve in my leg. Apparently this is due to my stupidly high arches, at least according to my GP it is. Who’d have thought having high arches could cause so much pain all of a sudden? There was a great temptation to stay at home, take some painkillers and go to bed, especially as it was still raining.  Continue reading The rain continues at Itchen Valley

Janesmoor Pond, more ups than downs

19 July 2017

Tonight’s RR10 adventure was at Janesmoor Pond in the New Forest, although there was some slight confusion, at least on my part because I thought it was across the road at Stoney Cross. Luckily Commando knew where we were going and we managed to pull into the correct car park alongside several other Spitfires who arrived at around the same time. The first job was erecting the tent and flag. This proved slightly more difficult than expected.  Continue reading Janesmoor Pond, more ups than downs

Way too many photos at the Whiteley RR10

12 July 2017

This month really does seem to be all about running. No sooner had we got the busy weekend of parkrun birthdays and 10k races over than it seemed we were off to yet another running event. This time it was the RR10 at Whiteley. There are pluses and minuses to this venue in my opinion. On the plus side is the Costa in the shopping centre by the car park. Tonight the lovely Tori and Teresa forced me to have one so I was happy walking along the narrow lane towards the start wth a coffee and in my hand.  Continue reading Way too many photos at the Whiteley RR10

Blackfield sunset

31 May 2017

After spending weeks going nowhere apart from to the village for supplies, our next outing came hot on the heels of the Penny Game. Tonight’s RR10 at Blackfield in the New Forest was  the furthest from home. Last year we got slightly lost trying to find it and, embarrassingly,  had to stop and ask a passer by for directions. This time Commando found it easily, which was probably just as well as heavy traffic getting out of town meant we were running far later than planned.  Continue reading Blackfield sunset

Marvellous RR10 marshals

19 April 2017

Just when I was beginning to miss the excitement and mud of the Sunday CC6 races, the first of the RR10’s for this year came along. Last year these cross country races were very popular with the Itchen Spitfires and, as they are all evening races in some beautiful locations, I enjoyed going along, not least to get some lovely sunset photos. The first race this year was at Royal Victoria Country Park and, for the first time ever, it was organised by the Itchen Spitfires.  Continue reading Marvellous RR10 marshals

Last stand at Hursley


17 August 2016

The Hursley RR10 was always going to be the most likely one for me to miss. It was the furthest away and, with Commando going back to work, my only hope was to cadge a lift from one of the Spitfires. Gerry and Teresa weren’t sure if they were going, Emma couldn’t make it and poor Kylie, fresh back from a horrible bout of plantar fasciitis, had only gone and broken her fibula at the weekend at the Spitfire Scramble. Honestly, the lengths some people will go to to copy Commando!  Continue reading Last stand at Hursley

Itchen Valley Country Park and the penultimate RR10


3 August 2016

The penultimate RR10 tonight was the one I’d been looking forward to. To me it felt like home turf because it was at Itchen Valley Country Park, the meadows and woods between Allington Lane and the Itchen Navigation at Mansbridge. This was one race we weren’t going to get lost getting to for sure. Originally I’d thought I might even walk there but, with Commando still signed off with his injured ankle and wanting to cheer on his teammates, we took the car. Continue reading Itchen Valley Country Park and the penultimate RR10

A hilly run with cows, geese and a lost shoe at Janesmoor Pond


20 July 2016

This month seems to have been nothing but RR10’s with one almost every week. Tonight’s was on familiar territory, at Janesmoor Pond, near Stoney Cross in the New Forest. Frustratingly for Commando, it would be another race he couldn’t run because his ankle was still swollen and painful just walking. Even so, he decided to go along to cheer on his fellow Spitfires. Of course I went along too with my trusty camera.  Continue reading A hilly run with cows, geese and a lost shoe at Janesmoor Pond

Mud, crowds and determination at Whiteley


13 July 2016

The RR10’s are coming thick and fast this month with one almost every week. This week it was Whiteley, between Southampton and Portsmouth. It’s an odd place, until the mid 1980’s it was farmland with wooded areas once home to troops prior to the D Day landings. Then the powers that be decided to build a business park. The first houses went up in the late 1980’s and, now there are around six thousand residents, a retail park, restaurants, a cinema and a business park. The name Whiteley is a nod to one of the original farms. Continue reading Mud, crowds and determination at Whiteley