Winnall Moors, giants, runners and walking in circles

3 September 2017

In the end I couldn’t resist going through the gate although I did stop to check the strange sculpture of the man from the other side just in case he held some kind of notice. He didn’t because he was actually the giant from the Winnall Moors Story Book not a guard at all but, of course, I didn’t know that at the time.  Continue reading Winnall Moors, giants, runners and walking in circles

Role reversal and injuries

3 July 2016

These days it’s usually me standing on the sidelines and Commando running but today was supposed to be the other way round. The role reversal didn’t quite go to plan though. On Thursday night, when he was out hill running, Commando injured his ankle. Suffice to say it has been a frustrating couple of days. Rest is not a word in his vocabulary and the more I went on about rest, ice, compression and elevation the more fraught the atmosphere in our little house became.  Continue reading Role reversal and injuries

RR10 Wilverley, getting lost, rainbows, woods and sunsets


18 May 2016

The second RR10 started out with all the makings of a complete disaster. For a start, the weather wasn’t playing ball. It had been raining on and off all day and it didn’t look like it was going to get better any time soon. Commando swore he knew where he was going when we set out but the further we went, the clearer it became this was not strictly true. The event was at Wilverley Imclosure between Brockenhurst and Sway. When I saw a sign for New Milton I was fairly sure we were lost but, having trusted Commando up until this point, I hadn’t bothered to check the map before we left. This turned out to be a mistake. Continue reading RR10 Wilverley, getting lost, rainbows, woods and sunsets

On Tour!


7 May 2016

Saturday is Parkrun day, at least it is in our house. This Saturday was a little different though because, for once, there was no Parkrun on the Common. A big event was going on there, a kind of obstacle race with giant inflatables like bouncy castles and the Parkrunners had been ousted for a week. Commando thought he’d probably go to Victoria Country Park instead and, remembering the last time I’d watched him run there, I was quite looking forward to it. There’s nothing quite like a stroll beside the sea first thing in the morning to set you up for the day. Continue reading On Tour!