Autumn leaves and a special guest

14 November 2018

Meeting a friend today for coffee was the perfect excuse for a stroll through the enchanted park to look at the autumn colour. A little bird had told me there was a very special visitor in town too so I was keeping my eyes peeled in case I saw him.

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Santa in Southampton


15 December 2015

Commando always takes a couple of weeks off over the Christmas period so today Christmas Shopping was top of our list of things to do. This, of course, meant a trip into town and a chance to see the Christmas lights. Weather wise it probably wasn’t the best day for it. It had been raining on and off all day but it’s been raining on and off every day lately. Half way through the afternoon probably wasn’t the best time to go either, but Commando wanted to see Santa flying through the air on his sleigh and that doesn’t happen until five o’clock, at least not in Southampton. Continue reading Santa in Southampton