Bristol, not at all what I’d expected – first published 7 August 2014

The morning after Commando Senior’s funeral I was up at the ungodly hour of five getting ready to catch a train to Bristol. It’s a city I’ve never visited and, from the bit of Googling I’d done, it seemed there would be lots to interest a history freak like me. After all it was founded at some time before the end of the first millennium and left Gloucestershire to become a county in its own right as long ago as 1373. There was a Norman Castle, one of the strongest in Southern England and parts of this, along with the medieval walls, and churches remain today. Continue reading Bristol, not at all what I’d expected – first published 7 August 2014

Disappointment, triumph, chips and cygnets


28 May 2016

It’s been an odd couple of days. First there was a small disaster with a WordPress update that had my heart in my mouth for a while until I called the winderful people at LCN. Of course they sorted it all out for me quick smart, much to my relief. Then there were lots of little errands to run, eating up miles but nothing that could really be called a genuine walk followed by sitting at my Mac working on my first Itchen Spitfires’ newsletter. By Friday evening the newsletter was all but ready and I needed to get out and stretch my legs. As I also realised I’d not eaten anything since breakfast I thought I’d take a wander down to the Butcher’s Hook pub, have a coffee and a look at the final piece of the Roam Art Trail puzzle then maybe get some chips from the chip shop. Continue reading Disappointment, triumph, chips and cygnets