Two bridges lite

4 January 2018

The first proper walk of 2018, if you don’t count lots of dashing about shopping or wandering around the Old Cemetery in the mud, was a version of Commando’s two bridge challenge. Frankly, at under four miles, it wasn’t much of a challenge but it was the first ‘just for the sake of walking’ walk of the year and there were swans, mud and some climbing that probably wouldn’t have seemed half as bad if I’d had breakfast before I went out.   Continue reading Two bridges lite

Searching for the start of the Navigation – First published 8 January 2014


Day two of my 2014 exercise program and I’d progressed to the second, tough Pump it Up section, all star jumps and elbow to knee stuff. Just when you think you can’t do another one it changes to something else, which is a relief until, shortly, you realise you can’t do another one of the new thing either. It made me wonder how I used to manage the whole thing from start to finish and then go off to work? I was shattered. What I wanted was a little nap, my eyes were actually closing. Still doing it for two days in a row was just a start, if I could stick at it I’d soon be watching those muscles tone up. Continue reading Searching for the start of the Navigation – First published 8 January 2014

Never trust the weatherman


6 January 2016

Last night the weatherman on the evening news told me the country would be shrouded in mist and fog for most of the day. My weather app appeared to agree. All Autumn I was waiting for a chance to take photos of mist swirling over the river but all we had was rain. This looked like it would be my chance so I went to bed thinking about an early morning riverside walk, swans emerging from eddies of mist, maybe even black swans. Continue reading Never trust the weatherman