All about roads

8 December 2017

The main road running through Bitterne Village is thought to roughly follow the Roman Road connecting Clausentum with Chichester and Winchester. In the last century or so, traffic on the modern road has gone from a handful of horse drawn vehicles to a steady stream of cars, buses and huge lorries. Accidents are commonplace, congestion is the norm and, for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike, it isn’t the most fun place to be. Continue reading All about roads

A disastrous day – first published 22 January 2013


Some days it seems anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Other times even the things that can’t go wrong do. 22 January 2013 was one of those. In fact, it had all started to go wrong after my snowy walk the day before and went downhill from there. Reading it now it seems like one of those bad farces you watch on TV with one hand over your eyes. At the time I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Continue reading A disastrous day – first published 22 January 2013