Plans, disasters and a last look at the Bargate Centre

8 November 2017

For once I had a proper plan. There had been extensive research, route plotting,  notes taken and some very interesting stories ready to tell. CJ and I left home early feeling rather excited. We had a ferry to catch, the sky was blue, the sun was shining and it felt a little like a holiday. Then we got to the ticket office and it all went wrong.  Continue reading Plans, disasters and a last look at the Bargate Centre

The tale of the disappearing castle – first published 9 June 2014

An engraving of Southampton Castle

Back when I was walking towards Hurst Castle on that never ending shingle bank I said I was a little disappointed it wasn’t a real castle. Yes, I know it was technically a castle, or at least a fort but, for me, a castle is a tall thing with crenellations, towers and battlements. Maybe this is a byproduct of living in Southampton all my life where things like that are commonplace. The thing is, Southampton doesn’t actually have a castle any more but it did once. In early June 2014 I went to look at the spot it once stood.  Continue reading The tale of the disappearing castle – first published 9 June 2014

The rise and fall of Southampton castle


1 March 2015

Interesting as my exploration of Clausentum may have been, there really wasn’t all that much walking involved. On such a bright day it seemed a shame to go home so soon so I carried on walking with no real plan. My feet led me over the Big Bridge. On the other side the desolate park was looking anything but desolate as I passed,  brightened by a large cornelian cherry beside the railings, vibrant with an overload of tiny blooms that I’d taken for leaf buds from a distance. Either way it is a sign that spring is in the air. It felt like a day for history so, on a whim, I decided I’d go from a Manor House I couldn’t really see to a castle that isn’t really there. It seemed like a plan.

Continue reading The rise and fall of Southampton castle

Walking the Southampton walls


26 October 2014

For my Sunday walk I decided to revisit an old friend, the medieval Southampton walls. They’re a backdrop to the city centre and one most of the people of Southampton walk past every day without really noticing them. I’ve been guilty of the same myself in my time. When I was working in the city centre I often spent my lunch hour wandering around them but it’s been a while. I’ve missed them. Continue reading Walking the Southampton walls