Giant deckchairs and a beach in the city

31 July 2018

On Thursday, after my missed Running School appointment, there was an Itchen Spitfires Run and Talk event. Commando and I led the very small, but select, walking group, of injured runners Rosie and Maria. There is a giant deckchair trail going on in the city centre so, to make things interesting, the runners were dashing off to see how many of them they could find. As the closest deckchair was around one and a half miles from our starting point at The Feather our slow, slightly hobbling, group didn’t quite make it. We ended up resting our weary limbs in Queens Park instead. We walked back via Oxford Street, where Commando amused some lost American Tourists with the tale of his great grandfather missing the Titanic. Continue reading Giant deckchairs and a beach in the city

Tales from the photo archive part two – winter


In my last post I cleaned out all the oldest pictures from my photo archive leaving me with all the pictures from 2016 that didn’t quite make the cut for one reason or another. These are random things I came across when I wasn’t really looking or pictures taken on walks that, for one reason or another, didn’t make it into a post. The spring cleaning continues… Continue reading Tales from the photo archive part two – winter

Southampton City Archives, more questions than answers


11 October 2016

As we walked through Aldermore after our final boundary stone discovery I knew the time had come to visit the City Archives to see if I could find any more information about the eleventh and twelfth stones. Several fruitless searches on the Common and Golf Course Road had left me wondering if they even existed and, if there were any answers to my questions, I guessed this was where I’d find them.  Continue reading Southampton City Archives, more questions than answers

A very noisy library


11 August 2016

Finally I managed to drag CJ out of the art gallery and down the stairs. What I wanted to do next was go home and see Commando and his broken leg. CJ had other ideas though. We made it as far as the foyer. Then he spotted a baby zebra through the door of the library.
“How many zebras are there in the library?” he asked.
“Loads and loads,” I said with a sigh. I knew exactly where this was going and it reminded me of when he was a little boy. There were always lots of questions and they were usually designed to take me in circles until he got what he’d wanted all along.
“It probably wouldn’t take all that long to find them though, because they’re all in the same place.” Continue reading A very noisy library

a saturday stroll to look for rhinos – first published 10 August 2013


The Saturday walk on 10 August 2013 was mostly about rhinos. It was sunny and warm so it seemed a good idea to search for the rhinos at the top end of town, the ones too far from the office for a lunch time walk. This had the advantage of taking me through all the city parks along with a few other interesting places that could stand a more thorough visit later. Continue reading a saturday stroll to look for rhinos – first published 10 August 2013

Time, bells and feeling like Quasimodo


17 January 2016

Commando was especially imaginative in the Christmas present department this year and one in particular was something I had to wait to appreciate. Sunday was the day I finally could. It was a two person gift and, as Commando was on a long Sunday run, CJ came along to share the fun. The only dampener on the excitement was the weather. After two beautiful blue sky days I had high hopes but Sunday morning dawned wet and grey.  Continue reading Time, bells and feeling like Quasimodo