A short long walk, then some running

30 June 2019

Kim and I are loosely following a marathon walking training plan to get ready for Clarendon. Loosely being the operative word because Kim works shifts and we live on opposite sides of the city. During the week we walk separately, each trying to fit in miles as and when we can. The plan is to have one long walk together a week. Much like I did for my last Moonwalk training, the long walks alternate between one long walk week and the next half the previous week’s distance. Each long walk week is two miles longer than the last. It sounds complicated but it really isn’t.

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Five run fifty at fifty – fifty miles and beyond

9 February 2018

It didn’t take us long to get to the final stop of the day. The forty mile point was on Test Lane, near the old Redbridge bridge. We parked in the car park of The Anchor pub and waited. An icy wind was blowing up off the River Test and the sun was beginning to set. It was getting close to four o’clock. We shivered and pulled our coats around us. My hands and face were numb and I couldn’t remember when I’d last felt properly warm. Continue reading Five run fifty at fifty – fifty miles and beyond

Running and running


November 13 & 16 2016

As if standing around in the freezing rain on Saturday marshalling parkrun because there weren’t enough volunteers wasn’t madness enough, I was up and out early on Sunday for another running event too. This time it was junior parkrun at Riverside Park. Obviously, I wasn’t taking part. It has been more years than I care to remember since I qualified for a 4-14 year old’s event and even back then I didn’t do running. My main reason for going, other than to see what it was all about, was to keep Kylie company.  Continue reading Running and running

Lordswood boundary stones and finding Utopia


31 August 2016

Most of July and August has been taken up with zebra hunting but, this week, with almost all the zebras found, CJ and I decided it was time to revisit the boundary stone hunt. Since I stumbled upon the first of these curious stones, back in April 2013, I have managed to find eight out of the twelve there are supposed to be. Not all the stones have been where I expected to find them and there have been several fruitless hunts. When we set out today I had my fingers crossed this would not be another.  Continue reading Lordswood boundary stones and finding Utopia

The magic of seven


21 April 2016

At the beginning of March CJ and I took a long walk in search of boundary stones.  There were, supposedly, two up for grabs but we came home disappointed, having found none. Later I discovered we’d been within spitting distance of one stone so, armed with more detailed instructions, I decided to try again. This time it would be a shorter walk. The plan was to drive to the Sports Centre and start from there. Given my shortage of walking miles this month, this was probably a mistake. Continue reading The magic of seven