Mist and other ephemeral things

2 November 2017

For my first walk of November I had the most glorious autumn morning. When I left Home the sky was blue and the sun was trying hard to burn off the morning mist as I crossed the railway bridge. On such a lovely day it was impossible not to walk along with a huge grin on my face, even if it did make me look like a loon. The plan was to walk into town to have a look at a new sculpture I’d heard about.  Continue reading Mist and other ephemeral things

The last RR10

23 August 2017

The final RR10 of the season was organised by Eastleigh running club. The original plan had been to hold it at Marwell, just like last year, but there was an issue with the venue and it ended up being postponed. In the end tonight’s race was held at a completely new venue, the University Sports Ground on Wide Lane. This is a place I’ve walked past many, many times, on my way to Winchester, Eastleigh, or just Lakeside which is actually the next set of fields along the road. Because it’s not open to the public though, I’ve never been inside. Continue reading The last RR10

Casting clouts, nesting swans and a coffee disaster, almost…

12 April 2017

Reluctantly we’d left the cool green shade of Monks Brook. We crossed the road by the Swaythling railway arch and, for a moment or two, I dithered, torn between walking through Monks Brook Meadows or the less scenic but more direct route along Wide Lane. In the end I thought about my recovering knee and the distance we’d be covering and decided on short and less sweet. The first hawthorn flowers of spring spilling over a garden wall seemed to be a sign I’d made the right decision.  Continue reading Casting clouts, nesting swans and a coffee disaster, almost…

A Mother’s Day treat


6 March 2016

Commamdo felt bad about me missing the Biggin Hill Spitfire flight on Saturday because he forgot to take his keys when he went running. The next day was Mother’s Day and he had a surprise up his sleeve to make it up to me. From the outset I knew he and CJ had something  planned other than the card, chilli chocolate and teddy bears CJ gave me when I got up. What it was though, was a mystery. Continue reading A Mother’s Day treat

Out of a clear blue sky


5 March 2016

On 5 March 1936 the prototype of  a new aeroplane, at the time known only by its registration number K5054, took its first flight from a small aerodrome in Eastleigh, on the outskirts of Southampton. The aerodrome later went on to become Southampton Airport, the plane was the first Spitfire. When Captain Joseph ‘Mutt’ Summers, chief test pilot for Vickers, taxied down the runway and opened the throttle for takeoff he made history. Neither Summers or innovative designer RJ Mitchell knew how important this pretty little plane would become. Continue reading Out of a clear blue sky

two bridges and an iconic plane – first published 8 June 2013


The two day weekends were playing havoc with my walking. At the beginning of June I’d planned a twelve or thirteen mile walk  but time was not on my side. Four day weekends made it easy to take one whole day out for walking now it was not so simple. Commando suggested I try a short walk instead. Although I will admit to being a little peeved not to be having the walk I wanted I had to agree his plan made sense. The decision was made and I set about finding an interesting shorter walk using Walkjogrun. Continue reading two bridges and an iconic plane – first published 8 June 2013

Spitfires, a ferry, a lost village, and a pear tree

The Yacht pub
The Yacht pub

9 February 2015

In the end, instead of climbing back up the slippery bank I decided to carry on a little further. This may well have been another procrastination device to avoid the muddy ascent but it proved to be more interesting than I expected. Of course, I’ve walked this way many times but, even on a familiar walk, there can be surprise discoveries. Passing the Yacht Pub where people were enjoying a Sunday lunch time drink in the winter sun, I made towards the slipway and the little park where the Itchen ferry boats used to come and go. Continue reading Spitfires, a ferry, a lost village, and a pear tree