An invitation I couldn’t refuse


19 April 2015

Some time ago I had a comment on my blog, followed up by an email, about an organised walk. It was from a man I’d never met, a local councillor, occasional contributer to the Southampton Heritage Page and, it turns out, reader of my blog. As you know, I mostly walk alone and I’m not a great fan of organised walks. This one was in an area I knew very well, or thought I did, but the words history and nature jumped off the page. It sounded like an invitation I couldn’t refuse and when I spotted a poster for the very same walk on my way back from Lakeside last week it seemed like an omen. Continue reading An invitation I couldn’t refuse

The secret of the other side of the river


15 March 2015

The weather was a little disappointing on Sunday morning, one of those grey days with a hint of drizzle that make walking a chore rather than a pleasure. Even so, after a little grumbling and wavering over whether to go out, I set off for the river. For a long time now I’ve been looking at the opposite bank as I walk the second half of Riverside Park. Once in a while I think I’ve seen people over there walking but I’ve never been able to work out how to get there. After a lot of map looking, I thought I might have found the secret and I was keen to explore. Continue reading The secret of the other side of the river

Last walk of the year


29 December 2014

On Monday I took my snotty nose and hacking cough out for one last gasp attempt to make one hundred miles in December. Technically it wouldn’t be my last walk of the year but it would be the final opportunity to put in some long miles. Given how rough I felt, it remained to be seen just how many miles I’d manage, especially with thick frost still sparkling on the pavements. The Riverside walk seemed like a good place to start and that was about as much of a plan as I had. Continue reading Last walk of the year