The beast from the east

1 March 2018

Just when it felt like spring was yawning, stretching and preparing to throw off the winter covers, the weatherman said a big snow storm was blowing in from Russia. I frantically searched the house for my yaktrax and thought about where I could go walking in it. Ok, maybe I have issues, but we don’t get snow very often here on the south coast. My inner cyclic said it would probably come to nothing. The Met Office are fond of making snow mountains out of a few flakes.  Continue reading The beast from the east

Five run fifty at fifty – the first ten

9 February 2018

Five thirty on a Friday morning and I’m trying to peel my gritty eyes open. The last couple of days have been a manic haze of preparation, mostly revolving around food and maps. This is the morning Commando and his friends, Rob, Rob, Ian and Luis run fifty miles to celebrate Rob’s fiftieth birthday. To say I can think of better ways to celebrate turning fifty would be an understatement. There is also a frisson of worry about Commando running such a long distance given the events of the past year. Continue reading Five run fifty at fifty – the first ten

All about roads

8 December 2017

The main road running through Bitterne Village is thought to roughly follow the Roman Road connecting Clausentum with Chichester and Winchester. In the last century or so, traffic on the modern road has gone from a handful of horse drawn vehicles to a steady stream of cars, buses and huge lorries. Accidents are commonplace, congestion is the norm and, for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike, it isn’t the most fun place to be. Continue reading All about roads

Tales from the photo archive part two – winter


In my last post I cleaned out all the oldest pictures from my photo archive leaving me with all the pictures from 2016 that didn’t quite make the cut for one reason or another. These are random things I came across when I wasn’t really looking or pictures taken on walks that, for one reason or another, didn’t make it into a post. The spring cleaning continues… Continue reading Tales from the photo archive part two – winter

Chasing the runners at the Summer Selfie Challenge


11 September 2016

There’s a first time for everything and today I almost wished I could run. Actually it wasn’t quite the first time I’d toyed with the idea of running. Years ago, just before Commando took up running, I tried the C25K, a kind of beginners running plan. It starts off with walking for a minute then jogging for a minute and keeping this up for twenty minutes. Over nine weeks the walking gets less and the running gets more until you’re running a comlete 5k. For three whole weeks I stuck at it, getting as far as running for three whole minutes at a time, before I decided I didn’t like running as much as I’d thought I would and went back to walking.  Continue reading Chasing the runners at the Summer Selfie Challenge

Time trials and motivation


29 August 2016

Recently Gill has been holding running classes to help Spitfires improve their form and strength. After his physio appointment where he’d been told he needed to strengthen his core to avoid further injuries, this seemed just the kind of thing Commando needed, although his broken bone wasn’t actually healed enough for him to take part. Even so, he thought he’d go a long to watch and cheer on the rest of the Spitfires who’d be along later for their time trials. As it was at St Mary’s Stadium I sensed a photo opportunity and went along too. It turned out to be an interesting and motivational evening, even for a mere walker. Continue reading Time trials and motivation

Thieves, Vandals and a definitive answer


11 August 2016

The Vandals were an East Germanic tribe who are believed to have migrated from Southern Scandinavia during the second century BC. They moved around Europe establishing kingdoms and were, reputedly, barbarians who sacked and looted as they went. They gave their name to vandalism, or senseless destruction, particularly defacing artwork. Sadly, there are modern day vandals roaming around the city of Southampton. Some of them are also thieves. Not only have several of our lovely zebras been damaged, one has actually been stolen. This added a sense of urgency to our zebra hunting and today, while Commando went for his X-ray, we went to visit as many as we could while they were still there.  Continue reading Thieves, Vandals and a definitive answer

Echoes, ripples and connecting circles


2 November 2014

This weekend was supposed to be the Walking Is Exercise Too! November walk. There were big plans for lots of miles. When I woke to the sound of rain dashing against the window and howling wind I revised them. There is only so much water a girl can take after all. After a lot of head scratching and some googling I decided to visit two local places that complete the circle of last weekend’s walk. Continue reading Echoes, ripples and connecting circles