Canadian views


16 October 2015

Our last evening in Gravenhurst was another wonderful family affair, sharing pizzas, memories and stories with Maggie, Alan, Jen and Marina. Although Katie wasn’t well enough to join us we did get to spend some quality time with her in her little room of happy things. She was in better spirits than she had been the day before, still frail but less tired, and she joked with Commando about doing a trathalon, as she had herself some time ago.
“It’s the swimming that puts me off,” Commando laughed. “I’ve never been a strong swimmer. Maybe one triathlete in the family is enough.” Continue reading Canadian views


Dancing faun bronze by Eugène Louis Lequesne
Dancing faun bronze by Eugène Louis Lequesne

23 November 2014

Just as I was about to sink down onto the steps where we’d sat the day before watching the toddler playing football and put my head in my hands in despair there was a tap on my shoulder. When I turned around there was Commando. He’d been sitting on one of the green chairs in the sun waiting for me and I hadn’t noticed him when I passed. He was pretty cross but I fell, sobbing into his arms, so relieved to see him. Continue reading Reunited