Rain and the Thunder Run

22 July 2017

The rain didn’t stop. In fact it got worse and worse as the evening wore on. There was a brief interlude of almost dryness, just long enough for Pete the Meat to cook burgers and sausages on a couple of reluctant portable barbecues under the awning of Rob and Kim’s tent then it got so bad everyone retired to their respective shelters. We slept on our new air bed inside our new sleeping bags with the sound of rain pounding on canvas as a lullaby. It was a sleep broken by worries about floods washing us away. The name Trent is Celtic for strongly flooding and the river is renowned for it.  Continue reading Rain and the Thunder Run

Let’s go to Huntsville

11 May 2017

My twisted body clock woke me at quarter to five this morning. It was quarter to two in Vancouver and quarter to ten in England so goodness only knows what time zone my brain was in. The merest hint of pink was just beginning to show above the tree line outside. I took a quick photo and then tried to go back to sleep. Half an hour later I gave up. My body was determined it was morning so I might as well listen. The sky was a little lighter now, the line of pink rising up to meet the midnight blue sky.  Continue reading Let’s go to Huntsville

The colours of Reykjavik

20 December 2016

The Icelandic daybreak we’d been anticipating since midday when we’d stood by the Saga Museum and seen pink clouds in the sky seemed to be a bit of a mirage. There was certainly more light than there had been when we set out but, an hour after the sky first began to get lighter, the sun appeared to have stalled on the horizon and risen no further, leaving us in a kind of perpetual dawn. It was a strange state of affairs but at least we could now see the colours of Reykjavik. Continue reading The colours of Reykjavik

The last race, medals and beer

27 November 2016

Our long day didn’t quite end with the sunset in Paphos yesterday. Although Commando’s legs were weary after three back to back events and my temperamental Achilles tendon was grumbling at a week of almost non stop walking, we still had to eat. There was one last walk up the hill in the dark to the Coral King for a leisurely dinner. As we sipped our after dinner coffee I noticed we’d been sitting beneath a fresco of the Greek warrior Achilles.  It seemed quite an irony in the circumstances. Continue reading The last race, medals and beer

into the light, pain, tears and joy – first published 11 May 2013


The easy miles were over and I’d passed the halfway point. If this had been a training walk I’d be in Winchester and have turned for home about then but, as it was, I just kept going, blindly following the pink clad throng all around me.  The half mooners had gone and I couldn’t help imagining them all celebrating with coffee and cakes before toddling home to their warm beds. There was more than a touch of envy. Now for the hard miles, walking into the dawn… Continue reading into the light, pain, tears and joy – first published 11 May 2013

Wake me up when September ends


After the excitement of Monday and Tuesday it was a melancholy, miserable sort of week so I apologise in advance for what is to follow. It started off damp and dreary on Wednesday morning and I was tired from the mental exertions of the weekend. Not a single photo was taken on my way to work, partly because there wasn’t anything worth looking at and partly because I was feeling apprehensive about the new RCSM visit. Obviously I wasn’t going to be top of her Christmas list after trashing her standard letters. Continue reading Wake me up when September ends

Venus in blue skies


9 to 13 September 2015

Wednesday morning was wet and miserable and I was feeling out of sorts and grumpy. When I finished reading my emails grumpiness had turned to anger. Seriously, there was almost steam coming out of my ears. The new RCSM, the one who spent all of two minutes in our office, had sent us some standard emails to use. It was annoying enough that she didn’t seem to realise we already had our own but when I read her offerings they made my blood boil. Continue reading Venus in blue skies

here comes the rain again


26 to 31 August 2015

The rain continued into Wednesday morning so, yet again, I found myself on the bus. Yet again, the trees were blowing about wildly as I struggled through the desolate park and the rain was falling. By the time I got to work I was drenched. The office had a faint smell of dampness about it all morning because everyone who came through the door was dripping. Continue reading here comes the rain again

Solstice sunrise


Not too long after the sunset of spring  we went to bed. We had an early start in the morning, even for someone who usually gets up at five fifteen. It seemed we’d hardly fallen asleep and we were up again looking at boiling skies that could have been painted by Van Gough, full of pink and purple. After the most perfunctory of washes (there would be time later for a shower) and a light breakfast my body didn’t feel it needed, we set off. Continue reading Solstice sunrise

So long, farewell Auf Weidersehen, goodbye


15 to 18 April 2015

Wednesday morning seems to come round way too fast and the time between going to bed on Tuesday night and the annoying alarm at five fifteen on Wednesday morning is way too short. Week three of my early shift and it’s still a struggle to drag myself from my bed. At least there was a beautiful looking sky outside my window, dark blue graduating to a peachy glow with the bare trees silhouetted against it. It almost made the wee small hours worth getting up for. From the look of it one of my neighbours was also up as there was a light in one of the house windows. Continue reading So long, farewell Auf Weidersehen, goodbye