Not finding things in Telegraph Woods

14 September 2017

This morning began with a trip to the dentist. Nice as everyone is there, it really isn’t my favourite place in the world so I thought I’d cheer myself up with a little detour on the way home. Usually I turn left when I leave the dentist and head west towards the river. This time I turned right and then immediately right again onto Upper New Road, not entirely sure where it would lead me but happy just to walk and find out. How lost could I get? Continue reading Not finding things in Telegraph Woods

A fond farewell to the zebras


17 October 2016

All Summer long CJ and I searched out the wonderfully coloured zebras all over Southampton. Sadly, they couldn’t stay forever and, a few weeks ago, they all quietly disappeared, leaving the city feeling slightly bare and bereft. By the skin of our teeth we’d found all of them, although our trip to Marwell wasn’t entirely successful and we’d missed a couple of clusters of the miniatures. All was not lost though because there was one final chance to see every single zebra before they were auctioned off. Today was that day.  Continue reading A fond farewell to the zebras

Telegraph woods and another unexplored path


4 October 2016

We left the West End Burial Ground feeling fairly pleased with ourselves. We’d found the grave we’d been looking for plus we’d  uncovered a few interesting stories and the odd mystery along the way. What more could we want from a walk?
“Shall we walk back through Telegraph Woods?” I suggested as we stood in front of the war memorial on the corner. Even when I told him it would be a steep uphill walk, CJ thought it was a good idea, especially as he’d never been to Telegraph Woods before.

Continue reading Telegraph woods and another unexplored path

Spooked in Telegraph Woods and a third opinion


9 August 2016

At the end of June Commando injured his ankle. Our GP, when I finally managed to persuade him to go, told him he was too old to be running and should give up at once because he probably had osteoarthritis. Obviously, we ignored this diagnosis. Three weeks later, with things not really improving, Commando visited a sports physio for a second opinion. The diagnosis this time was a possible stress fracture. He suggested a full assessment at the Perform Sports Medicine Centre at the Aegis Bowl and an X-ray. Continue reading Spooked in Telegraph Woods and a third opinion

Telegraph woods, so many trails, so little time


14 April 2016

Back in Southampton I needed something to cheer me up after the marathon disaster, even though it wasn’t me who’d been injured and unable to run. Not only that, I needed to get some miles in because I was falling behind on the coastal challenge. When I looked out on beautiful sunshine this morning I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and take a proper look at Telegraph Woods. Hopefully this time it wouldn’t rain on me. Continue reading Telegraph woods, so many trails, so little time

Stormy weather


27 March 2016

With one last tearful look at the old workhouse come hospital I turned for home. I still wasn’t sure whether I was glad or sorry to see it go*. It was certainly an interesting and historic building but there seemed to be too much sadness attached to it for anyone to think of it fondly. I imagined the wrecking ball coming down and thousands of ghosts escaping into the air. There wasn’t a lot of time to dwell on it though. The rain was falling and the sky to the north was an alarming shade of black that even the cheery daffodils on the verge couldn’t brighten. Luckily I was heading south but I’d have to hurry if I was going to outrun the storm. Continue reading Stormy weather