Changes afoot

26 October 2017

Once upon a time the Boardwalk and the river path were part of my daily walk to work. Often I’d look through the wire fence into the old television studio site and wonder when someone would build something there, what it would be and how it would impact on the path. Now the new houses and apartments are finally being built. As I go back and forth across the bridge I often look over and remark on the progress but I still wonder what will become of the path. As it’s a public footpath the builders shouldn’t, in theory, encroach upon it but you never can tell. Continue reading Changes afoot

A small place, often overlooked


23 February 2016

Feeling pretty pleased with myself for discovering far more of the old priory than I’d expected I left St Denys Church and was immediately face to face with the next interesting building. These days most school buildings are modern boxes of steel and glass. A few old style red brick school buildings remain and St Denys has one of them. Continue reading A small place, often overlooked